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So I've reached the point of my Mid Atlantic watching where the build is just starting for the first Starrcade, and I'm wondering who exactly was booking during this time. Obviously Dusty came up with the name and concept of Starrcade, but Dave has stated previously  that Dory Funk Jr. was booking at the time. You can see fingerprints of both guys' styles in terms of heels offering bounties (Dory) and everyone randomly mentioning Dusty in promos, but it seems that Dory's style was more prevalent in how the main angles unfolded. I just assumed Dusty came up with the idea of a big year end show and Dory just came up with the way to get everyone to the end point. 

Also it's been amazing to see the build unfold, as it's something I never saw before (it was right before my wrestling fandom began). From Harley Race as the aging champ not wanting to give the young upstard Ric Flair a chance to replace him (ironically the opposite of real life as Harley apparently needed to be talked into having another reign since he was winding down at that point), to the dastardly Briscos taunting Steamboat and Youngblood (and seeing Rick Steamboat become more and more visibly annoyed at Jay becoming less and less coherent in promos as the weeks go on, which wasn't part of the angle but more Rick losing patience with Jay and his demons), to Gary Hart and his "asians" Great Kabuki and Magic Dragon feuding with Jimmy Valiant over the TV title. 

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Dory was officially head booker until Dusty came in the Summer of 84 but Dory had guys that handled booking in certain states, I want to say it was Gary Hart - NC, Wahoo McDaniel - VA, Ernie Ladd - SC.

Everyone quite rightly talks about WWF taking Hogan/Okerlund/Shults from AWA as being the first big raid but grabbing Piper, Orton and Valentine (right after his face turn) might actually have done more immediate damage to a "competitor" because in 84 business went down fast (Flair back touring obviously didn't help either) and it took Dusty a long time to rebuild things.

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