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[1992-08-14-UWFi-Ruling the World: Sapporo Live] Masahito Kakihara & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Tom Burton


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Well, it's happened. Tom Burton was involved in the best match of a show. Granted, the show wasn't very good in general but credit where credit is due. Honestly, it comes down to the Kaki/Burton exchanges because as we know, Kaki is slappy and he ambushes Burton. The transition from Burton's double leg takedown attempt to a shoot piledriver was so good. And then when Burton tries another takedown, Kakihara smacks his head and Burton crawls like a big baby out of the ring and to the floor. So I guess the best part is Burton getting beaten up but he still manages to hit a decent double arm suplex. Nakano wasn't at his best here but he did have some nice interactions with Miyato, which led to him hitting a German > dragon suplex after a flurry of strikes. In the end, Miyato gets the big win and Burton hulks out on him only to get solebutt kicked in the gut and submitted with a grounded headscissors. 

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