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[1995-12-17-WWF-In Your House V] Buddy Landel vs Ahmed Johnson


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Before the match, we are treated to a drawn-out promo with Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler bragging about Jarrett's new album and tour. It's clear that the country singer gimmick has ran out of steam at this point. They eventually move to the commentary area and let the next match take place.

Buddy Landel comes down and looks like a poor man's Ric Flair. I'm sure they used him to mock the real Nature Boy, who was working with WCW at this point. Ahmed looks like a million bucks, and if you didn't know he was incredibly dangerous and injury-prone, it would of been easy to assume he would of been a top player in a few years. This is a simple squash with Landel being put away with the Pearl River Plunge in 42 seconds.

Post match, we see the heels in commentary booth rag on Ahmed some more. Ahmed exchanges words with Jarrett in an awful promo, which gets him blindsided. He no sells the attack and chases Double J to the back. This entire segment dragged, and made Ahmed look like an idiot, albeit a tough one.


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