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Booking Memphis - Jerry Jarrett and Eric Embry talk Dallas for the first time ever

Sean Liska

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Hey everybody! I'm a bit of a regular here and I host a podcast with Jerry Jarrett. I really want people to hear this week's episode - we have Eric Embry on and he and Jerry talk publicly together about their Dallas run in the late 80's for the first time ever. It's great wrestling history that I think many here will enjoy. Thanks for your time! Hear it at www.bookingmemphis.libsyn.com.

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Awesome episode. Such a great conversation.

I dug Embry's interview(s) on Austin's pod, and this was more of the same.

You can really hear the genuine authenticity in Jerry's voice when he talks about how proud he is of resurrecting the Dallas territory during that time.

I wish we could've been afforded more time to dig into the details of some of the booking of the USWA/WCCW angle, but all the big bases were covered nonetheless. And nothing wrong with these shorter shows leaving listeners wanting more.

Good stuff, man. I'm running behind on my listening, but I wanted to be sure to scope this one out.

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