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  1. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I completely overlooked the "woman" worker specification. I don't know that I'd rate anyone above her. I think there are some that might eclipse her in terms of GOOD quantity and sheer volume of matches. But I'm not convinced she can be touched in terms of GREAT quality when it comes to major payoff matches. I love me some Sasha, but she doesn't always show up the same. Ripley is another on the radar, but I wouldn't put her at that level yet. Charlotte is very hit or miss, although I would note that she's had plenty of matches that fall in the GOOD category. Ultimately, I believe it's the small things that separate the good from the great performances. And a lot of that comes down to the in-betweens. There's simply no filler and no fat to trim off a Tessa performance. She has a way of engaging her audience from the first second to the last. Her presence helps, but Sasha has a great command of that as well. It's just that Tessa has practically mastered the art of combining all the elements - the selling, the fire, the story, the threading of all these things together - to push her ahead of the pack in my mind.
  2. SomethingSavage

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    Arn's is by far the best one going right now. Every now and then, you do still get glimpses of him attempting to talk kayfabe though. It doesn't ever dertract from the show, and I honestly believe it's just his natural inclination to go there. But I noticed it again in the TV Title episode with him talking about what a fight it was to win the belt from Wahoo, as if it were an actual contest. Bischoff's show has been strictly background noise for me for a long time - with the TNA episode being the last one I found enjoyable. There was the start of a thought-provoking discussion about long-term storytelling versus short-term angles on the latest Bret episode (I believe), but neither Eric nor Conrad dove deep enough into it to make it as interesting as it could have been. Unfortunate that this show has become so weak after several strong episodes earlier on.
  3. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I have zero interest in overanalyzing the comparisons to compile lists or anything, but I'm more than willing to discuss some of Tessa's performances. Specifically, she was fantastic last weekend. And yes. She comes across like one of the very best in the world at this moment - and honestly, it has felt like she's belonged among that class for about two years now. I found it ridiculous (and still do) when people here lined up to trumpet Sasha Banks as "the best wrestler" in 2014. That idea certainly hasn't aged well, and I never really bought it to begin with. But somehow, the idea of Tessa Blanchard receiving the same praise doesn't seem so far-fetched. The major issue will obviously be how some people receive intergender matches. The believability factor is going to be a big element in how her performances are viewed and discussed. However, when you actually look at her work brick by brick, she is absolutely amazing. In 2020, women could be perceived as the new cruiserweight style underdog. What I mean by that is that undersized wrestlers used to draw instant sympathy. Nowadays, it's so commonplace to watch smaller guys battle bigger guys. David and Goliath is still a match template, but it is so commonplace that it takes a special performer to get it right. With intergender wrestling, I think it draws out a more visceral response. But going back to Tessa, she absolutely knows how to tap into that. She clearly gets it. Every moment, every second, and every inch of space is filled with SOMETHING meaningful. There's no dead air in her performances. She's either struggling, fighting back, firing up, or selling her ass off. Seth Rollins should be forced to watch Hard To Kill everyday for the rest of his days to see how to sell a knee. Kenny Omega should be forced to watch Tessa Blanchard for the rest of his life to see what a match can look like when you perform like it's combat and not like it's a dance recital. Whereas Tessa treats things like a fight - displaying fury, anger, and agony - Kenny treats things like a prep rally - with goofy facial expressions, prissy twisty prancing, and jazz hand finger puppet bullshit. Seriously. The way Tessa approaches the "downtime" in her matches is so smart and critical to the overall performance. There's very little chance she'll lose your attention or give you reason to disengage from the story she's selling you. In 2020, I feel like that's such a rare feat and nearly a lost art in pro wrestling. I'm not saying there aren't wrestlers that still do that. There are. But they are few and far between. And if the likes of Rollins or Omega get discussed as being some of the best, with their performance art athletic exhibitions, then Tessa certainly smokes them in all categories when it comes to actual PRO WRESTLING. I realize that may make me an outlier on the issue (no surprise there). But I don't care. I'll stand by it. Show me a Kenny Omega match (that isn't led by Okada or Jericho) that even comes close to looking like a struggle. Show me a Seth match that ever looks like anything but an excuse for him to flip and flop around like a frog in a blender. Tessa manages, time and time again, to blend the contemporary in-ring style with the more emotion-based storytelling methods that have always proven timeless. Move trends come and go. But it's the selling, the fire, and the story that will never go out of style. Years from now, when a lot of the "greats" of the here & now are exposed as spot-based workers with no transitions and empty, soulless performances - I absolutely believe Tessa will stand out head & shoulders above the pack as someone who was doing it right.
  4. SomethingSavage

    "Triple H shoots himself in the foot" thread

    This. I think people have lost sight of the point. I don't think anyone is exaggerating outrage over this or anything. It was just dumb, tasteless, and pointless. Plus it's a pretty low bar when people have to say things like, "Well give him credit. At least he admitted he sounded dumb, tasteless, and pointless." Well okay. So we're celebrating people for having common sense and behaving like courteous human beings now. So that's something.
  5. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    It should be interesting to see if there's any kind of accountability in the aftermath of this thing. It's unfortunate, but yeah. Obviously that was just excessive. And again, I enjoy the act. But come on. Common sense has to come into play at some point. I love it. And, to his credit, RVD carries off the glazed, hazy-eyes look like nobody else. That, along with his "give zero fucks" nonchalant demeanor puts this over the top for me.
  6. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Eek. I mean, obviously that was too much. But hey. I'm enjoying the shit out of this RVD heel run overall. It's unfortunate that somebody was dense enough to let that fly like it was no big deal, but yeah. RVD in this role has been a win on the entertainment end of things. His character is basically an exercise in the idea of, "What if Shawn Michaels never got his shit together?" in 2020. It's an amazing experiment in fantasy booking that scenario. Think about it. A clearly wasted, arrogant dickhead who walks around bragging about his talents and how he revolutionized the business through matches and movez. In this world, Shawn never sobered up. Maybe he split with his Nitro Girl wife and hooked up with a newer model - a twerking, pornstar-ish exotic dancer. In any case, what they're actually doing is a truckload of fun. I mean, sure. It's gratuitous. It's gross. It's obnoxious. It's borderline uncomfortable to watch them kiss and grind on each other like a couple of animals in heat. But that's the point. You aren't supposed to find it cool. You aren't supposed to nod along and parrot Rob anymore. You aren't supposed to agree. You're meant to feel that this guy is smack dab in the thick of a midlife crisis. And Katie Forbes is a key ornament to help accentuate that. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of the threesome shit they've introduced now, but time will tell. As it stands, I've been digging what they've had Rob doing with Katie by his side. The twerking. The new gentleman's club theme music. The matching gear. It's all just the right kind of annoying. Plus it's a fresher presentation for Rob, which was lonnngggg overdue.
  7. Did Mick discover time travel and go back to give Vince a thirst for low-brow humor and silly comedy? Because Vince eats that shit up. It's entertainment, pal! Seems a little silly to pin that on the shoulders of Foley. Wrestlers would still be participating in hokey skits and stuff without Mick's sock puppet or awesome Corporate surrogate son story from the Attitude Era. There is no one source for why wrestling is shittier today than before. It's a multitude of reasons. Mick may be guilty of inspiring a bunch of backyardigans to jump off rooftops or some shit, but blaming the guy who got comedy right for all the unfunny shit that followed him is a pretty big reach. Let's do better, guys.
  8. SomethingSavage

    "Triple H shoots himself in the foot" thread

    I honestly believe this is a peak at the more casual, looser Hunter. This is his humor. It's him sounding dumb when he tries to get too cute or too clever, because he's just not the quick-witted comeback type. It's the King of the Ring "bi" comment all over again.
  9. YES, BUBBA. I listen to a lot of film/movie podcasts, and I love anytime they dig deep into the philosophies of actors. Some of Cage's personal choices when immersing himself into roles are just fascinating. Not only does that translate to some bizarre, COMMANDING moments captured on screen - but it's just plain bonkers to hear how he arrives at some of his decisions. He literally creates motivations and life choices for roles that most wouldn't even think twice about. Fascinating. Ehh, Horsemen? Calling them JBL's Cabinet would be... Kind. This feels like something on the level of Edge's Familia or Regal's Roundtable or the Corre. If Rollins would man up and agree to lose a Hair Match in the end, then I'd *maybe* give them Jarrett's Southern Justice. But that feels like their ceiling. I cannot in good faith give them a higher ceiling than that.
  10. Gonzo Nic Cage is fucking mesmerizing. Scope out his performance in the Bad Lieutenant sequel/reboot if you haven't seen it. But DiCaprio was on another level in Once Upon. I still haven't gotten around to seeing Uncut Gems yet, but I hope to rectify that very soon. They already fucked it up. In 2017. Anything now is just reheated leftovers. I never got the impression they were going to get behind the guy. Drew's basically back in the same spot he was in BEFORE he left the last time. It's going to take another tour through the super indies and satellite promotions just to rebuild him again.
  11. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    It's looking like I won't be able to catch the show in full until Thursday or Friday at the earliest, but I'll gladly read your guys' thoughts on the show before then. I'm hearing good things about the Edwards match. And here's hoping the Moose match was a fun brawl. Dude usually goes full throttle in those.
  12. SomethingSavage

    WWE TV 1/6/20-1/12/20: At least 2019 is finally over

    I don't need to balance a checkbook or analyze my budget to know I didn't pay a single red cent to see a WWE show in 2019. I certainly struggled with whether or not I had outgrown pro wrestling after 30 years in 2019, but it turns out - I just don't care to waste my time watching shitty wrestling, presented with the backdrop of shitty stories featuring shitty characters. That's all. Give me good characters with some solid conflicts, and yeah. I'm there. Even if the action takes a back-step or two (Powerrr, I'm looking at you) I would still rather tune in and see that. Just tell good stories. Just present strong characters. That's how you get me to part with my money and my precious free time. This idea of hammering out content, content, content above all else needs to die. It's become all about working harder, not smarter - with the emphasis on athletics and action. Fuck that shit. Give me quality over quantity. Give me an hour of good shit over three hours of wretched, meaningless filler designed to do nothing but kill time and get us to the next stop. Ahh, the optimistic yin to my pessimistic yang. I'd love to see Roman get an actual ace championship run, but fuck. Feels like that's been overdue since 2016. And they REALLY scorched some earth with him after that weak ass stuff last year. How utterly incompetent & creatively bankrupt do you have to be to fuck up a cancer comeback story?
  13. SomethingSavage

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Okay, I popped for that. Delirious should feel his way right out the door. Dude's run as booker has been almost entirely a dud. The few bright spots under his watch (heel Matt Hardy, the New Japan/Bullet Club tie-ins) all kind of occurred AROUND his plans. It's hardly like he spear-headed any of it. What's his big claim to fame? What was his best idea? I mean, I'm not about to argue that Bully Ray has had any gangbuster great ideas anywhere either, but at least the dude is generally regarded as a creative guy by some people in the business. I don't know that anyone touts Delirious as remarkable at anything.
  14. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I had forgot about the show being this weekend (mostly due to my hectic work schedule and having to put in some 16-hour shifts this week), but the combination of that awesome YouTube video and now this has made it must see for me. I'm tempted to check out the results here from work, but I may just wait and catch it on replay after the fact. Either way though, I'm definitely going to watch. It sucks that some folks are having a hard time getting there. I hope it doesn't cause too much last-minute restructuring for their plans. But that storm was crazy down here. My friend was completely snowed in over in West Texas, which is just nuts. The weather patterns have been insane all year down here. End times, bruthas. Might as well watch a little bit more rasslin a'fore we go dinosaur.
  15. SomethingSavage

    Grilling JR

    Absolutely loved that Barely Legal episode, and I believe I posted my initial thoughts about it over in the WHW thread. I also recall really enjoying the Mania X8 watch-along from Tony and Conrad. Tony put over Rocky and Hogan HAYUGE in that show. Any recent ones you'd recommend? I've steered clear for a long, long time.