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  1. An announcement stating he has an announcement, basically.
  2. Remember last year when everyone on the board was fantasy booking Seth to be the guy & beat Brock for the Universal Title because he was just so "over" with the IC belt? ... Anybody? Lulz.
  3. SomethingSavage

    AEW Fight For The Fallen

    Is there a specific reason they're not just being the Super Smash Bros. here? I feel like it's a more marketable act & gimmick all around. It's light and fun, but that's sort of the point. I don't know. This Dark Order stuff feels very hokey and generic. It's very Ministry of Darkness to me. I'd definitely prefer them to be a RockNES style babyface team, with neat names for their movez & all that noise. I'm sure it would benefit them to have actual merchandise to sell, too.
  4. Yup. Perception is reality. Present someone as a big deal. Promote someone as a big deal. Consistently. Faithfully. And they will be perceived as a big fucking deal. It really is that simple. This 50/50 shit just creates a field of guys who are essentially all running in place. The first one to truly take off would automatically be in first place at this point. Anyone can beat anyone. That's not unpredictable or exciting if it's done all the time. Structure and hierarchies are crucial. A star should seem nigh undefeatable. 99% of the time, a star's biggest fans should be able to argue that "their guy" could kick "your guy's" ass. Austin. Hogan. Bruno. They all carried this kind of weight to their reputations. But the company has purposely perpetuated this idea that everyone on their roster is, in fact, very VERY defeatable.
  5. SomethingSavage

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    Well, I mean... He had two shows with Ric. But that was before Conrad really found his formula.
  6. SomethingSavage

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    I'm taking a much needed break from wrestling podcasts right now, but I may try to keep up with JR's show here and there for now. Everything else can pile up until I get hungry for any of it again. Right now, I'm just exhausted by them and everything is sounding very samey. The idea of Arn's show sounds awesome and seems like a fascinating companion piece to fill in the gaps the other shows have left open, but... Yeah. I'm not exactly holding my breath. Arn has a rep of sticking to kayfabe and not veering too far out of character, so we'll see. To be fair though, I was similarly on the fence for the JR podcast - and that's worked out wonderfully. It's surprisingly good, and it's continuing to improve as Conrad builds better chemistry in his back & forth with JR. Here's hoping the same feat can be achieved with Arn, because hearing some old territory tales sprinkled in with the contemporary road agent stuff could be fucking aces.
  7. SomethingSavage

    Current New Japan

    So, you're *not* stoked for the chance to see Kushida tear it up on the pre-show scene with Tony Nese?
  8. SomethingSavage

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Ditto. I actively seek out Impact's pay-per-views and watch them, even if it takes me about three or four days with my limited free time. And I've made extensive, long-winded posts about everything they're doing right - even if it is going mostly unnoticed. I honestly couldn't tell you why anyone would go out of their way to watch a full ROH show these days though. Force of habit? Fear of missing out? Sheer boredom? A general lack of other things to do? I can't imagine there's another reason. Putting ROH on your screen is like putting shit on toast. I mean, sure. You CAN do it. But what the actual fuck, man. Put something halfway good on instead.
  9. SomethingSavage

    AEW Fyter Fest

    Spears and Cody don't just have a mentor/protege relationship. They were a steady tag team (and champs) in OVW, where they also eventually split up and feuded. I think that Cherry chick was involved, along with Cliff Compton and Sim Snuka. I could be mixing that up with some of the later OVW stuff, but I'm pretty sure I'm remembering that right. Overall, this show was okay. Nothing outstanding to me. Just alright. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Impact's Slammiversary is way better & superior to this on every level, to be honest. But that's not a conversation anyone is prepared to have or even acknowledge, so it is what it is. I don't get the Librarian stuff. It doesn't feel like a nostalgic throwback to the Genius. It doesn't even pack the same fun vibe that the Rhodes Scholars had for a brief moment there in 2012/13. It's just kind of lame and insufferable. And that's a shame. Because I dug the guy as Pretty Peter Avalon. Why can't he just be that? I understand the necessity of updating a look or refreshing a character, but nobody's even seen the dude on any big stage yet. Pretty Peter Avalon felt more like him being in his own lane. A scrawny pest of a heel, constantly pissing people off and pretending like he's some Adonis is fucking aces. Compared to this Librarian horse shit, it's gold. Double Or Nothing left me excited and anxious to see what's next. This left me feeling like I'd watched a fairly decent wrestling show in 2019, and that's it. It definitely felt like it was fine-tuned and tailored for the live crowd, but that didn't translate to my own viewing experience in any substantial way. PWG is sort of the best case scenario (and flipside) of that situation, where the energy & the atmosphere of the "book for the live crowd" philosophy really resonates and carries over well. I'm not casting judgment on AEW as a whole based on the back of two shows. But I can safely say this wasn't anything special and is absolutely not worth recommending to anyone who is on the fence about checking it out. Pass on this & just wait around for All Out. That would be my suggestion.
  10. Speak for yourselves. I've known Seth has always been absolute shit. Idgaf who he's bedding. Seth bragging about how he dedicates every waking moment of his life to WWE is what's weird to me. Because he still sucks sooo bad. What's he dedicating his life to? CrossFit? Burpees? Flipping tires? Because he still has no understanding of basic psychology. He still doesn't grasp how to evoke any sense of emotion from anyone - no matter the situation or the setting. He still has zero character. No defining traits. Stone Cold said it best. "What is a Seth Rollins?" I'd bet good money that the guy himself couldn't give you any kind of comprehensible answer to that question. Nobody knows. He's just this awkward pigeon-toed guy who flips and dives. He's not physically imposing enough to be intimidating, mean, nasty, or feared as a heel. And he's not smart enough to know how to be sympathetic or vulnerable as a babyface. He can't talk. He can't work. There's no bark. And no bite. The guy has no teeth. He's a big black hole of EVERYTHING. Seth Rollins is a useless tool. For the love of God, somebody give this guy an extra star already so he can Falcon Arrow flip the fuck off.
  11. Jinder gave AJ better matches than anything that came out of the AJ/Owens series, the AJ/Sami stuff, and all but one of the AJ/Joe matches. Say what you will about his lack of chemistry with Orton, but Mahal matched up well with AJ there for a bit. Sometimes it's just a matter of styles making matches more interesting. To be honest, I think they failed Jinder from a creative standpoint. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly crying out for another Jinder run up top. But the guy did put in the work. He carried a certain presence, and the overhaul for his entrance was really well done. But come on. That League of Nations level gimmick was absolute garbage. It's dated as fuck. It's the same anchor they've tied to Drew Mac right now. It's instant death. The crowd always reacts with apathy to that evil foreigner bullshit. It's 2019 already.
  12. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    See, I grew up in the Gulf Coast along the TX/LA border. And Callihan's look feels very true to life. I could personally name at least a dozen dudes just like him - the irritating, loudmouth, Natty Light drinking, pudgy white-trash tough guy wannabe types. He's always itching for a fight, forever losing said fight, and still somehow convinces himself he's the biggest cock in the cage. All while being deathly afraid that his cutoff sleeveless shirt might come off when he goes swimming in the river. Amazing. Now that's heat with me. It's like I know this guy. Oh. And fuck Seth Rollins. Rational dislike. Irrational hatred. Whatever. Doesn't matter. The guy just plain fucking sucks. Plus he's all pigeon-toed and shit. Dude runs like a girl. For the love of God, someone give this guy an extra star so he can Falcon Arrow flip the fuck off.
  13. SomethingSavage

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    A lot of my thoughts generally line up with yours, but I've enjoyed the hell out of Callihan in Impact. Do you build a fed around him? Maybe not. But he already feels like a centerpiece focal point and a worthy featured piece of the puzzle. His feuds have been mostly amazing, to be honest. The Penta program was a blast from beginning to end. It spanned across promotions. It had blood, brawls, swerves, sneak attacks, supporting players, stakes, masks, hair, you name it. The feud with Eddie told a solid story and actually progressed as it went along. It evolved Eddie as a character and actually mattered. It wasn't just matches for the sake of matches, which is one of those things that bothers me most about modern wrestling. And the program with Swann has been a revelatory experience. I really didn't expect Swann to step up as much as he has in a more serious, dramatic role. But he's totally run away with it. And the guy feels absolutely elevated as a direct result of this work with Callihan. That many critical rivalries in such quick succession cannot be just happenstance or luck. Callihan is certainly bringing something to the table in these things. The guy plays his part really well. If it's not your thing or simply not your taste, then that's fair enough. But I've dug his contributions to Impact in a big way.
  14. SomethingSavage

    Grilling JR

    The show isn't 3 hours. It runs about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I'm way burned out on 97/98 stuff. It's actually one of my favorite periods for their television, but Bruce & Conrad have just run these talking points into the ground. It's still refreshing to hear things from JR's perspective though. There's not a ton of variance from the Bruce episode we just got covering this show, but it's still worth listening to if you have the time. I did enjoy the sidebar about how it's extremely difficult to get a match over if the performers aren't over FIRST. I wish WWE would remember this and make their characters a priority again. Get the individuals over first & foremost. Then the matches can get over. Otherwise, everything's an uphill battle. Everything's unnecessarily made more difficult. And everyone's working harder rather than smarter. Showering the match with six dozen superkicks and five hundred thigh-slaps does not compensate for guys who simply aren't over in the first place. Fuck a star rating. Give me a God damn character worth caring about first.
  15. SomethingSavage

    NXT talk

    A name change for ACH was inevitable, I think. The vague meaning behind the initials could have been played up, but they don't really have time for that when they could run (you guessed it) more rematches. I'd say Jordan Myles was an upgrade in that sense. Dexter Lumis is hokey af. Nobody strained themselves reaching for that one. Christ. It's just awful. Damien Priest is okay-ish, in the sense that it suits the guy. It suits his look and will probably summarize everything about the character in a nutshell. However, the same could be said if you also tossed this name on Aleister Black or one of the Ascension clowns. Very generic and low-rent ring to it. The name sounds like it belongs to a failed Spawn ripoff from some obscure mid-90s comic book company somewhere. Shane Strickland sounds like everything you want in a stage name. It has alliteration. It rolls off the tongue. It has a certain "stickiness" to it, in that it could easily stay in people's minds after hearing it a few times. This change was an unnecessary downgrade for him.