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[1992-12-20-UWFi-Double Takada] Dan Severn vs Yoji Anjoh


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Anjoh's such a chickenshit in this match, hanging onto the ropes as as he can, which is understandable, I guess -- considering Severn wants to throw his ass around the ring with suplexes. Right out of the gate, Anjoh fires off kicks but when Severn tries to grab him for a throw, Anjoh smarly retreats to the ropes. I like how Severn pushes Anjoh's hand off the mat when he's trying to escape a choke hold. There was one point when Severn had control of the ankle and Anjoh's squirming and dropping knees and trying to get out but Severn holds on.Severn looked really strong here with all his throws and slams, and unfortunately, Anjoh wasn't as his best here so it really was a Severn squash.  That brutal finish looked like Severn was trying to snap him in half. Good showing from Dan the Beast.

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