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[1993-01-10-UWFi] Gene Lydick & Tatsuo Nakano vs Tom Burton & Yoji Anjoh


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Gene Lydick is clean shaven, looking like a true superstar, and while he hasn't clicked quite yet, that isn't the big news. The big news is that Tom Burton just had his best performance to date. This was actually a lot of fun, with everyone throwing suplexes. Nakano/Anjoh are all over each other, Nakano's suplexes are pretty, Anjoh's knees are plentiful, and Burton is giving it his all, even if his all sucks. He's throwing Germans and knees and clubbing forearms. After he pops Nakano with a slap, he tries for maybe a powerbomb? but Nakano slickly counters out into the Fujiwara armbar for the submission. 

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