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[2000-04-01-WCW-Saturday Night] Los Fabulosos (Dandy & Silver King) vs Tommy Rogers & Jeremy Lopez


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It sounds like Silver King is ripping off The Rock in his delivery when he refers to himself and Dandy as “Latin America’s most desirable men!”  Lopez comes out on the wrong end of a shoulder tackle, stumbling backwards out and through the ropes.  It looks like Lucha rules may very well be in operation here as that brings Rogers in without a tag.  Lopez trips King from the outside though he avoids the Rogers elbow drop.  Lateral press after the snap mare, Lopez with a slingshot senton but King is too quick  for both, moving out the way as he lands on his own partner.  Dandy is in, however Lopez and Rogers counter what they had planned, shooting Los Fabulosos into one another.  They whip Dandy at King who backdrops him over the top rope and to the floor.  Lopez charges a Silver King and he gets the same treatment, although with him landing on Dandy it’s almost like an assisted pescado.  A great powerslam by Rogers and Dandy breaks up the pin.  In the completely random moment on the match, we then see Lash LaRoux in the aisle drawing pictures on an easel.   Silver King reverses the Irish whip and Dandy nails Lopez with a lariat from the apron.  Standing side kick by King followed by a slingshot elbow drop from Dandy.  Double leap frog, double drop toe hold, stereo kicks to the front and back of the head and Rogers is in for the save.  Springboard leg whip in the corner.  King drags Lopez under the bottom rope and a double press slam by Los Fabulosos, dropping Lopez throat first across the guard rail.  Single armed DDT but King then misses connecting on the double jump springboard moonsault.  I don’t know what went on here, if Dandy was late or they just got their cues wrong, but they screw up the timing on the hot tag.  To be fair if they hadn’t have repeated it moments later you wouldn’t have know because Dandy carries on as normal, open handing both Lopez and Rogers hard across the face.  Los Fabulosos whip Lopez into the corner, he avoids a charging Dandy, clothesline to Silver King and this time, the hot tag.  Needless  to say Tommy Roger is a great hot tag.  King hip tosses Rogers over the ropes to the floor, sailing out with him.  Crossbody off the top by Lopez but as he looks to take advantage runs straight into a drop toe hold.  ‘Magistral cradle’ and a rare WCW victory for Los Fabulosos.

I watched this off the back of El-P’s write up in the ‘Highway to Hell’ thread and am glad that I did.  One whiff aside, this was a blast.  Double team moves, high octane pace, no down time, bumping, flying  and all kinds of fun.

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