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[1995-08-27-RINGS] Akira Maeda vs Andrei Kopilov


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Save for the finish, this was a solid Akira Maeda exhibition match. Kopilov (back in the purple Nike shorts, thanfully) doesn't get a whole lot off on Maeda. They're usually too close to the ropes so there's not a lot of drama behind the holds. And anytime Kopilov tries to retaliate with strikes, Maeda ducks down into turtle defense mode, forcing Kopilov to try something on the mat. But Maeda looked good here. He gets a sick double arm takedown, spiking Kopilov on his head, and lays into him a bunch with kicks and knees and slaps. As witnessed before, these two like to entangle. Kopilov whiffs on his spinning heel kick (the worst shoot-style move because it has a 6% chance of connecting [see Masahito Kakihara] and can't catch a break on the ground because of the damn ropes. But when Maeda takes him down with the half hatch, Kopilov is able to roll him into a kneebar for the UPSET TAPOUT! 

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