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[1997-01-26-AJPW] Toshiaki Kawada & Masanobu Fuchi vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Yoshiaki Fujiwara


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I wondered if Kawada and Fujiwara had a match, and my search led me to this tag, which, isn't a great tag match per se, but has some magic moments. Fujiwara is the easy highlight. I loved the opening few minutes between he and Fuchi, the other highlight. Fujiwara starts prepping the arm for the FUJIWARA ARMBAR and Fuchi is really working the headscissors. Fujiwara tries to headstand out and not only does Fuchi hold on, he does push ups to show off. He's scooting Fujiwara's head across the mat and it finally takes a special twisting headstand for Fujiwara to get out. The teases to Kawada vs. Fujiwara are maybe better than the actual interactions. Fujiwara wants Kawada, Fuchi tags in Kawada, the fans are hyped...and Fujiwara turns around and tags in Kikuchi like the truest of dickheads. When they actually square off, Fujiwara mostly controls him with submission holds. At one point, Kawada tries kneeing Fujiwara repeatedly in the head to get him off his arm and soon learns that Fujiwara's head is indestructible. The finish is a clusterfuck and Kikuchi is strictly a whipping boy but at least, we got Kawada vs. Fujiwara. 

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