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[2018-11-16-GCW-Joey Janela's LA Confidential] Nick Gage vs David Arquette


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I am completely stunned by this match. I cannot get over what I just saw. When this was announced, I thought it would be nothing more than a novelty. However, Arquette played his role perfectly here, as the scrawny guy completely over his head. He was willing to bump his ass off but had some convincing hope spots. He even did an insane tope through a chair to the outside. Gage kept ramping up the violence and we got a Joey Ryan and Messiah run in that actually worked with the story. Then Arquette took a tube shot and this thing just ramped up big time. Gage carved him up with a pizza cutter. Finally, Arquette looked like he really had enough, tried to leave, then came back and threw a chair and tubes at Gage in a way that looked completely real and unhinged, then Gage awkwardly pinned him and that was it. Was this actually good? What does that even mean at this point? But it was a complete spectacle completely unlike anything else in the wrestling world right now. Not even sure how to rate this thing.

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