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[1978-08-11-Los Angeles, CA] Mando Guerrero vs Tatsumi Fujinami


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Match review courtesy of Jetlag (had to repost due to some board glitch that wouldn't take you to the actual review after approving the post)

It's pretty insane to think Fujinami was having matches as good as this as early as 1978. Talk about peaking early. Then again, he was up against Mando, who looked world class here. I mean this easily wipes the floor with many highly praised WoS or japanese matches from the time period. Just an excellent, highly competitive technical match. It has that unique genuine feeling to it where it doesn't feel like two workers showing off. There are a handful of „highspots“ (meaning dropkicks and hip throws) which never feel like showmanship. There isn't even a ton of hold for hold work, as much of this is them battling over position, mostly from amateur wrestler position with guys trying to chop eachother down or get a cradle. Really loved the constant pin attempts aswell as the missed throws and takedown attempts. Tons of nice subtleties here: Mando does a weird head bobbing thing to distract Fujinami for a possible takedown. When Fujinami is finally able to hit a suplex Mando immediately rolls over to his belly to prevent a pin. Fujinami clocks Mando with an enzuigiri which Mando sells in a big way by flying across the ring; later Fujinami is again able to hit a dropkick which sets Mando loopy on his back, but he is able to retaliate in a desperation effort. I also loved all the counters Mando had for Fujinamis throw attempts, he would push him off, roll him over or simple try to snap his arms. Should mention Fujinamis hip throws looked awesome. This was about 25 minutes of great back and forth wrestling that paid off its story nicely. It's an aquired taste but it's one of my all time favourite matches and if you can get into this kind of old school mat based wrestling at all required viewing IMO.

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