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[1993-08-13-UWFi-Fight of Champions] Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gary Albright & Dan Severn


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On a whole, not a terrific tag or anything, but it had quite a few cool moments, especially in the interactions between Tamura and Severn. The opening is a lot of fun between these two, with Severn trying to use his size to his advantage, grabbing big chokes, and Tamura being cat-like and agile, escaping the attempts. After a big belly-to-belly, Severn tries for the double wristlock but Tamura slips out, takes him down with an armwhip and shows Dan how to put the double wristlock on, forcing him to the ropes in a great moment. The initial exchange between Takada/Albright was really good, with Albright pummeling him in the corner and Takada firing back with shoteis and kicks, blasting Albright in the face and Albright immediately tags out like "enough of this shit!". Otherwise, some boring Takada matwork, some more fun Tamura/Severn exchanges, like Dan trying to knee him out of the ring or German suplexing through the struggle. Albright hits a bunch of suplexes down the stretch, hitting three consecutive belly-to-bellies on Takada before TAPPING TAKADA with an okay single leg crab. Tamura's the best but Severn in UWFi has been a ton of fun. 

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