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[2000-07-16-ECW-Heatwave] Sal E. Graziano vs Balls Mahoney


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After some nonsense at the start of the PPV involving Cyrus and Joel Gertner that saw security and a bunch of referees required to separate them, Sal E. Graziano and Tony Mamaluke are out.  Sal throws his considerable weight around, shoving the referees down before giving an obvious planted ref (the guy looks reminiscent of former WWF jobber Mike Bell) an impressive looking sidewalk slam, rag dolling the plant around.  That brings out Balls Mahoney who quickly takes care of Mamaluke.  Sal beckons Balls to swing that chair at him and when he turns to the crowd for approval, Sal jumps him.  Balls ducks the clothesline and peppers him with jabs although is unable to drop the big man.  He then breaks a chair over Sal’s head and still can’t fell him as he no sells that.  Sal plants Balls with a chokeslam, elbow to the groin and a belly to belly for the win.

That finish hushed the crowd as I doubt no-one expected it to be over so quickly.  Sal no selling the chair shot like some indestructible monster feels like it should be the start of a singles push for him, but I don’t think anything of the sort happens.

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