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[2000-07-16-ECW-Heatwave] Da Baldies (Angel & DeVito) vs Chris Chetti & Nova


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New Jack, who is on crutches, suffered a broken leg on a balcony dive and is on his way down to the ring to speak to the fans when he’s jumped from behind by Da Baldies.  Angel uses a staple gun to the forehead and it’s a two on one mugging until Nova and Chris Chetti run out for the save.  They’re certainly not the people I would’ve expected to come to New Jack’s rescue!  Chetti with a springboard plancha deep into the aisle followed by Nova tope.  Double flapjack by Da Baldies.  They get the heat on Nova for barely a minute before he makes the hot tag.  Belly to back suplex on Angel however he rolls out the way of a Nova ‘Swanton’.  DeVito misses a moonsault and Nova with a piledriver.  Instead of releasing he holds on for a second, then holds on again, this time hitting a spinning powerbomb.  Cyrus claims that Nova created that “live on PPV”, did he?  Did he really?  As Nova celebrates his ‘creation’ he’s levelled by an Angel clothesline.  ‘Amityville Horror’ by Chetti and the combination top rope leg drop/splash ‘Tidal Wave’ for the win.

This is more like a TV match as opposed to something you’d pay for on a PPV and watching the show as a whole you do realise how thin the roster is at the moment.  I know Nova’s gimmick is that he ‘creates moves’, but considering Jerry Lynn’s finisher is a piledriver, Rhino uses the piledriver, as does the Sandman, adding in Nova as well is too many.

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