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[2000-08-18-IWC SoCal] Rocky Romero vs Funky Billy Kim


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Kim looks like he wouldn’t be out of place in the Jung Dragons.  Drop toe hold by Romero who picks up an early two count with a Magistral cradle.  Springboard senton from one side of the ring straight into a springboard twisting senton from the other.  The Irish whip is reversed, however as Kim rushes in Romero traps his head on the tip up and drives it into the middle turnbuckle.  Kim blocks the belly to belly and hits a tornado DDT.  Moonsault bodyblock for a two.  Brainbuster, but this time Romero gets a foot over the rope to break the count.  Rocky kicks out of the O’Connor roll and immediately tries his luck with another Magistral cradle.  Reverse DDT followed by a springboard DDT and that’s enough to put Kim away.

This felt like a throwaway TV match you’d find on WCW Saturday Night, nothing overtly terrible about it, but not something that you’ll remember in a few days.

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