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[2000-TASW] Necro Butcher vs Canyon (Anything Goes)


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An unfortunately placed commercial for the upcoming ‘Rage in the Cage’ show gives away the result of this Texas All-Star Brass Knuckles title match before it has even got started.  Canyon’s punches have little effect on Necro who fires back with some knife edge chops and a headbutt.  He clotheslines the 400lb’er over the top rope to the outside, then flies at him with a somersault dive off the apron.  After slamming him head first into the ring post, Necro comes off the apron again, this time with a Cactus Jack style elbow drop.  A ‘Stop’ sign shot to the head splits Canyon open, but it’s like seeing his own blood has finally woke him up.  Necro ends up getting busted open and they’re back on the floor where Canyon powerbombs him onto a couple of chairs (although those chairs part like the red sea and he pretty much gets powerbombed onto the concrete).  Canyon bites Necro’s cut before giving us an unnecessary, and unwanted, close up of his tongue covered in Necro’s blood.  Proper grim!  He empties thumbtacks onto the mat, but as he does so Necro jabs him in the mid-section with the sign.  Hip toss onto the tacks and the crowd popped big for that.  Necro misses an elbow drop off the middle, landing flush in those tacks.  Brother Icarus (who Necro beat for the Brass Knux title) is out and handcuffs Necro to the ring ropes.  Canyon blasts him over the head with six unprotected chair shots and then grabs the mic saying that pinning him is not enough, he wants to make him say “I Quit”.  More full force unprotected chair shots to the prone Necro and this is becoming uncomfortable to watch.  Even though Necro never said those words, the official has seen enough and calls for the bell as we have a new TASW Brass Knuckles champion.

Longer than it needed to be and Canyon is your generic, fat, death match worker.  Even though it was uncomfortable to watch, and was clearly taken from the Rock/Mankind ‘I Quit’ match, it was an effective finish highlighting Necro as someone who wouldn’t quit and had to be protected for his own good by the official.  The commentator, who at time during this was real annoying, also did his best work during the closing moments, implying for Necro to just give it up as this isn’t worth it.

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