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[2000-TASW] Necro Butcher vs Damon Richards


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They’re advertising a ‘Star Wars’ card for March 18, so if anyone wants to try and watch this undated stuff in order, this takes place before the Canyon match that we have.  Richards is quite animated and has got a lot to say for himself.  Necro is all over him mind, walloping him with the ‘Stop’ sign, suplexing him on the floor and bodyslamming him on the hard wooden steps.  Bulldog onto a ring chair and I don’t know how much more of this Richards can take.  Necro climbs up to the apron but plays to the crowd for too long and Richards cracks him in the ribs with that chair before slamming him to the concrete.  He gives ‘the Butcher’ a taste of his own medicine with that ‘Stop’ sign and then rams his head into the ring post.  A stiff, unprotected chair shot and Necro is calling him on wanting another.  Tornado DDT onto a couple of chairs before Richards rakes a barbed wire baseball bat across Necro’s forehead cutting him open.  After being piledriven onto the bat, Necro kicks out of the cover and then manages to get hold of it himself, swinging it into Richards’ mid-section.  Powerbomb onto a couple of chairs and that’s it.

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