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[2018-08-03-DDT] Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Kuishinbo Kamen


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I loved this match.

Kuishinbo Kamen taking shoot stuff for his comedy bits is extremely my shit. The two that really got me were referee Matsui dragging them back to the center of the ring when they were under the ropes, and Sakaguchi casually checking Kamen's leg kicks. The other thing that makes this work is Sakaguchi being embarrassed about falling for Kamen's nonsense, he makes for a really great comedic foil. On the other hand, Kamen looks pretty decent when boxing with Sakaguchi early on in the match! I don't want to recount every joke but there's a whole lot going on in this match, Kamen has a book, there's rounds for some reason, Takeshita is ringside while nursing an injury (he was actually supposed to wrestle Kamen in this show), etc. I'd definitely recommend seeking this out if you're into comedy wrestling in any capacity.

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