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  1. Short match built around striking. A lot of realistic, fluid kickboxing exchanges early on, and I enjoyed Okuda shooting in for a double leg takedown with any opening he sees. I thought the match would hit another level after Sakaguchi hits Okuda with a wonderful straight right. But sadly, they just do faces and trade forearms after that. Okuda might be the best in the world at that, but who could possibly care about that type of thing in this day and age. Disappointing match.
  2. aaeo_

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    That SI article reads like native advertising.
  3. The lore for this match is very deep and it feels like a minor miracle that footage exists, but it's a shame that the footage is stop motion choppy at times and you can't really see most of the third fall. Either way, that third fall has a really beautiful moment. The Brazos clear the ring and a Villano (I have no clue which one it is) comes up with their mask completely destroyed and just gets mobbed by all three Brazos. This match was probably great but it's hard to tell.
  4. The last ten minutes are entertaining in a goofy way but I thought it detracted a lot from what was a pretty great match beforehand. They go way overboard and Barnett even throws a rolling thunder kick just for the sake of it. One of the most interesting things about this match is how much it's like a 70s Inoki match (down to the time limit draw and overtime) but in half the time and with Suzuki doing goofier faces.
  5. This was the highlight of the show for me. There's a great build up, the intensity and violence just keep increasing until it really boils over with the Billy Robinson backbreaker, and both Thatcher and Hideki's execution is flawless 99% of the time. I'd like to write more about it whenever I end up rewatching it. Instant classic, almost as good as Thatcher's match with Ishikawa last month!
  6. The initial grappling is super stiff and engaging but the match goes to another level after they fall out of the ring and Takeda starts bleeding. Gresham somehow was the best striker on this show, targetting the cut and actually slipping punches instead of just waiting for his turn to fire back. Takeda just chases Gresham down and knocks him out. Good shit!
  7. So weird to see Kross work different than how he does in AAA. He's a really entertaining and charismatic guy, and seeing him go for the (rope? edge of the ring?) break over and over again was the best part of this match, even though he looked like one of the less skilled grapplers on this show. I really enjoyed Smith's kickboxing at the start of the match, killing Kross with leg kicks and checking everything he throws back, but thought the striking exchange towards the end was very stilted. The suplex Smith gets off before submitting Killer Kross was incredible.
  8. Making this thread because I saw people say this was a bad match but I thought it was good. Mir and Severn are skilled and there are flashes of cool shit happening here. The sudden finish via heel hook worked extremely well in my opinion.
  9. Katsumata will have hardcore matches whenever they let him, so he was naturally gonna have one on the show for people DDT didn't take to New York. Katsumata is a jobber but he's one of the better wrestlers they have, great selling and all that. They let him blade on this one. GUNSO is the owner of Dove Pro and he has industrial rock playing over all his matches. I thought the few other matches of his that I've seen were boring, once the novelty of the music wore off but this match is very good. Shunma bleeds a lot and GUNSO does have a great uppercut, so that's enough for this to work. GUNSO has the best spot of the match with a legdrop on top of a ladder on top of Katsumata's face.
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    ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard at MSG

    Taven has to be one of the worst to ever do it, mad at myself because I sat through that ladder match
  11. This is about the same match as their February Sumo Hall match, which means everything I didn't like about that is still here but everything that was good there is still good. Once again leg work takes up most of the first third (nooooooo). Takeshita's knee selling is a bit better but still very annoying in how inconsistent it is once they get deeper into the match. They repeat a few spots from Sumo Hall. Takeshita catches the suicide dive and does a vertical suplex on the apron, which is really awesome and gross. Sasaki catches a senton headfirst, which I think is new. Takeshita also does some horrible stuff to himself. The finish is entertaining. As a whole, the good outweighs the bad for me but your mileage may vary. The post-match is really cool.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    How so? I think Mauro makes actual sports worse and goofier with Showtime and Bellator.
  13. The interview before the match is very interesting and straightforward, surprisingly sports-like. Casas is really stoic and matter of factly says that Santo is gonna be the crowd's favourite but he's cool with it and he even smiles very candidly when asked exactly where he's from (Tlalpan in Mexico City). But when Santo shows up he starts messing with the interviewer and trash-talking him a bit. Santito enters the arena in a red Cadillac and is carried to the ring by adoring fans. It's really one of the best ringwalks I've ever seen, perhaps only rivaled by boxer Jorge Arce riding a damn dancing horse to the ring. I believe this is what people refer to when they say stuff like "big fight feel". And Ray Mendoza is the referee! Santo just throws out Casas out of the ring instantly after the first lockup, really negating what Casas had said in his interview about him having a size advantage (you see Casas is the WWA welterweight champion, but Santo is *just* the lightweight champion). Casas comes back in and Santo armdrags him very strongly, they're really selling Santito's superhuman strength with some incredible bumps from Casas. Casas powders after another brief grappling exchange. Santo is also schooling Casas with his skill, everything he does is just so graceful and flashy. After Casas powders a third time, he comes back in with a crossbody and wins the first fall after getting a great bodyslam followed by la casita. Second fall starts with Casas beating up Santo. He really embraces being a rudo for the first time in this tape, going from taunting the fans to getting a double wristlock over the bottom rope to killing Santo with straight rights. Santo's comeback starts with a fucking brutal knee. He gets some big offense before locking in a great tapatia, which wins him the fall. Casas' bumping continues being great during Santo's spurt of offense and he even falls face first out of the tapatia. Great stuff! Santo seems to have the third fall won early with a campana but Casas does a great escape. He immediately nails Santo with a right hand, and he gets back in control from there. A moment which I loved was Casas trying to tear at Santo's mask and completely ignoring the referee, so in response, Mendoza tries to choke him out to get him to stop. There are some really convincing nearfalls with Santo's huracanranas but Casas kicks out. Santo lands a great tope but when they climb back into the ring Casas gets the upper hand again (tope suicida!). Santo goes out of the ring but when Casas goes to get a plancha to the outside, he falls backwards into the ring and Santo instead climbs up and lands a senton unto him. Loved those momentum shifts after high spots. The struggle as Santo tries to submit Casas is fantastic, Casas wont let Santo get him on la de a caballo, and he grabs the top rope to escape the tapatia. Casas takes a hideous bump to the outside and Santo gets a big plancha. This third fall is just a war, Casas is always fighting back but Santo just overwhelms him little by little. When he finally gets la de a caballo, Casas stays in it for a long time but can't get out, and Santo wins the match. Negro Casas cries after the match, and reluctantly hugs El Santo. It's obviously a hell of a performance, but it also really gets you. Everything on this match is very stiff and spectacular, and the two wrestlers put on truly masterful performances. No one needs to be told that these two are incredible, but they are.
  14. Heard a very young wrestler (Sobredosis) bring this match up on a podcast as a huge inspiration, so I went looking for it. And it's up on Youtube in pretty great quality! Some stuff from these early XMW shows looks really interesting. Early part of the match is just a showcase for every wrestler, the rules limit two wrestlers in the ring at most times, which is good. There's a funny moment in that early part when Astro tries to get a chant going for himself but Skayde just starts beating him up. It picks up when fat luchador Terremoto checks in and beats up Eita and Tornado. There's a brief sequence where Tornado botches a ton opposite Skayde before getting pinned, but the match improves again when Arez (who this crowd is really into) comes in and takes out Terremoto. Eita eliminates Skayde, and seeing Skayde work against someone who's competent about two minutes after Tornado didn't know how to get pinned is incredible. Arez dropkicks the hell out of Eita but before he can do more, Marvin comes in to fight him. This is when the match gets really good, and it's the part that Sobredosis brought up. Arez just puts on a great underdog performance against Marvin, who sells well for Arez's big flashy offense. Marvin kicks out of a pinfall attempt and chops Arez in the back at the same time, which is pretty dumb but I thought it ruled. After that, Marvin starts slapping the shit out of Arez, the latter tries to strike back but isn't strong enough and he just eats shit. Those few minutes are just incredible. Marvin drops Arez with a huge lariat and that would've been a great ending but Eita is still in this. He comes in, and Marvin also levels him. Sadly, the match just gets worse after that, Eita keeps doing moves and eventually this other japanese wrestler, Douki, interferes. Marvin takes him out, tries to pin Eita, but Arez runs in and breaks it up. And then they go on to have a cool three man finishing run, but it feels kind of hollow after the emotional high of the earlier Marvin/Arez exchange. Good match with a great moment, seems like there's a lot of stuff to check out from XMW around this time.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    that is what I did! I get a weird "dynamic link not found" error page.