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  1. Uploaded to Universe last week. This match is weird, everything involving Kanemoto vs. HARASHIMA is great and absolutely everything else sucks. I've seen both Omega and Tanaka in matches I like but they're just really boring here. And since it's a tag match building up to an Omega All Japan junior defense against Tanaka, the body of the match is focused on them. Really brings down Kanemoto and HARASHIMA's performances, which is mostly what I wanted to write about here. They have great chemistry with each other, and you can tell even from the handshakes. Koji ignores Omega, and then goes to shake HARASHIMA's hand but Hara snubs him! Thought that was great. When they're in the ring against each other for the most part they're just punching each other, HARASHIMA just wildly throwing wide hooks like a hurt boxer. Referee Matsui has to break up HARASHIMA and Kanemoto after Kanemoto storms in to save Minoru, and they spend a while jawing at each other. This match also has the thing where the DDT crowd all ges behind HARASHIMA when he's up against someone from a big promotion, like in the tag match against Tanahashi and Komatsu. Around 15 minutes in, they get to do a few of their signature spots to each other. Kanemoto's strikes are wonderful as always. He takes Hara's legdrop to the outside with a really nasty bump. In return, he does the corner kicks, which look great. Then, they high kick each other at the same time and Tanaka and Omega tag in to do their finishing run. It's alright but this is Omega during the time when he did the most shtick, so your mileage may vary. Of course, HARASHIMA and Kanemoto never faced each other again after this match. Like tears in rain, am I right?
  2. aaeo_

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Like with this year's BOSJ there's only one match I'm excited about, KENTA-Ibushi. There's nothing else that I'm really looking forward to but a bunch of stuff could be good.
  3. aaeo_

    Current Lucha Talk

    Aside from Aerostar's dive, this has been a really fun show
  4. aaeo_

    [1982-04-01-NJPW] Tiger Mask vs Steve Wright

    Wright blocking Tiger Mask's backdrop suplexes was very neat. Submissions look stiff as hell and both wrestlers really lay it in with their strikes. There's a lot of very casual no selling and early kickouts but everything else is executed great.
  5. aaeo_

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I also just watched the Stardom episode and I thought it was great. The parts with Iwatani and Kyona were very interesting, but halfway through I was worried that it would just be an ad for Stardom. It's good that they didn't shy away from criticizing some of the sleazier sides of their business, and they didn't even talk about the idol photobooks and all that. Ogawa does come across as a creep and an asshole, but that's always the impression that I've gotten from him. The MVP episode was also very good, thought his reaction was hilarious when he gets told he's going over Callihan at the MLW show. I'll watch the DDT episode soon since it's a promotion I like a lot. I do wonder about the timeline, I think it may have been recorded around the time of Takayama's accident. That could make it difficult to watch.
  6. Yamashita dropped the title but she's still one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. She can fit so much into 10-15 minutes. Her selling is all purposeful, rarely can you really say she's no-selling her opponents but most of the time she does a great job at looking like she's trying to fight through the pain. Mizuki has a great underdog perfomance in this match, as Yamashita beats her up with kicks and knees. Mizuki's double footstomps completely change the match, it's fantastic. I've never really been impressed by the move but it's such a sudden game changer here that I loved how they used them. Yamashita gets up from a series of footstomps and lands a german suplex but can't hold it. And Mizuki keeps working the abdomen until she gets the upset win. The pinfall is also very sudden and surprising, which adds to the narrative of the match. Great match layout and everything is executed perfectly. I think this is the best Tokyo Joshi match of this year so far, which is high praise since they've become one of the best wrestling promotions around.
  7. This match was super fun. The matwork is pretty simple but they do everything to keep the crowd invested and it works really well. Inoki goes to the armbar over and over again but he's always doing interesting stuff in them, whether it's just portraying the struggle with his face/body language or trying to get more leverage, or kicking Kimura. I like that they only used the lumberjacks to sort of cover up Kimura's bladejob, although I truly wanted to see the tracksuits try to brawl with either of the wrestlers and that never happens. I think it ends up being a time limit draw? Not sure though, and it doesn't matter. Good stuff.
  8. aaeo_

    AEW Double or Nothing

    I only saw the Young Bucks match. I've liked both of those teams in the past but I thought that was pretty bad. Penta has gotten pretty unbearable to watch without plunder. Will maybe try to check out the joshi tag and the Rhodes match.
  9. Their match on Maji Manji #1 might have more to it but this was insanely fun, stiff and fast paced. Takeshita's nose gets fucked up at some point, and him bleeding over Higuchi's face while he gets a sleeper hold is a great visual. The lariat which ends the match is great.
  10. A highlight of what was a pretty great tournament. HARASHIMA as the fading ace continues to be one of the most compelling wrestlers around. Sasaki attacks HARASHIMA before the bell, dropkicks him out of the ring, and then does his great suicide dive. Then, he beats him up on the outside and does the russian legsweep onto (on top of?) the chairs, which also looks pretty good. After they get back in the ring, he chokes HARASHIMA out with his T-shirt, ignores Matsui's five-count and has to be physically removed from the ring to let go. This is stuff that I've seen Sasaki hundreds of times but I'm still not tired of it. While some of the exchanges aren't as good as you'd expect (there's one time when Hara's shoulder is up on a pinfall attempt, and countering Sasaki's elbow drop with a kick to the gut is a cool idea but it didn't look that great from the hard cam angle), HARASHIMA's incredible selling and Sasaki's great heel performance made this a really enjoyable match for me.
  11. aaeo_

    [2019-05-06-BASARA] Royta Nakatsu vs Ryuichi Sekine

    I thought this was way too long, but it was well executed. The teases of Sekine's finisher were solid, and it was a very entertaining modern Japanese title match. Admittedly, I can never get into Nakatsu's matches as much as I should because I find his strikes to be kind of weak and he relies on those a lot, but he had another pretty good title match with Fuminori Abe. edit: Actually, now that I think about it, my favourite Nakatsu match was the Best Stretchman one, which was much sillier, but had a beautiful underdog performance in it. Nakatsu has been pretty incredible recently.
  12. aaeo_

    Current Lucha Talk

    This is the show of the year.
  13. aaeo_

    boxing thread

    loved Hollywood Golovkin ngl.
  14. This is the first match on this stream: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1gqxvVzvOZzxB Somewhat disappointing that this is a single-cam show but this match ruled. I love Umeda's clinch knees and his arsenal of kicks. He is in control for most of the match and really kicks the shit out of Higuchi, but there are brief moments where he just gets ragdolled. The tide turns for good when Higuchi catches a high kick, chokeslams Umeda and then lands a disgusting lariat. And after that, the last couple of minutes are a demolition. Umeda takes some hard bumps, and sells really well during the last stretch. Good stuff.
  15. Short match built around striking. A lot of realistic, fluid kickboxing exchanges early on, and I enjoyed Okuda shooting in for a double leg takedown with any opening he sees. I thought the match would hit another level after Sakaguchi hits Okuda with a wonderful straight right. But sadly, they just do faces and trade forearms after that. Okuda might be the best in the world at that, but who could possibly care about that type of thing in this day and age. Disappointing match.