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[2000-07-16-WWC-27th Anniversario] Octagoncito vs Pierrothito


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The match is joined in progress with Pierrothito in control.  Octagoncito dupes him in and busts out a variety of different arm drags.  As he tries to rally the crowd Pierrothito stuns him with a dropkick.  Press slam dropping Octagoncito face first across the top turnbuckle.  After being whipped into the corner, he avoids the charge and Pierrothito sails through the ropes into the ring post and crashes to the floor.  Octagoncito with a big plancha, although that takes more out of him than it does his opponent.  Back elbow off the middle for a two.  Pierrothito dumps Octagoncito over the top, however he lands on the apron, climbs the turnbuckles and lands a leaping rana.  The rudo changes tact, removing his belt and using that as a weapon.  He accidentally hits the referee and as he tries to apologise to him, Octagoncito swipes that belt away.  Octagoncito with a few lashes of his own and he picks up the win following a moonsault bodyblock.

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