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[2000-02-26-WWF-Metal] Headbangers vs Tracey Smothers & Rick Michaels


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Tracey’s jawing away at Mosh although it’s Thrasher who starts for the Headbangers.  Smothers with a tip up over the charging Thrasher before dropping him with a flying forearm.  After a pair of kicks he goads Mosh on the apron by doing his hip thrust/dance.  Tag out to Michaels who looks to continue the strong start that Smothers has given them.  He misses seeing the blind tag though and Mosh catches him with a flying clothesline off the middle.  Brilliant, Mosh is now doing Tracey’s dance back at him!  That brings Smothers is in, but as the referee tries to get him out of there Mosh clubs him from behind and he falls to the floor.  ‘Stage Dive’ on Michaels and the Headbangers pick up the win.  Fun two minute bout all down to the work of Tracey Smothers who, in the space of under a month, has now worked as enhancement talent in WCW and WWF as well as continuing to work in Memphis.

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