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[2000-07-04-IWC SoCal] Los Gringos (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) vs PHAT (Eric Matlock & Devon Willis)


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An IWC SoCal show that’s taking place outdoors for a change, as opposed to being held in Billy Anderson’s gym like usual.  Actually this looks like its part of some local fair/fete to celebrate Independence Day.  Lots of loud “USA” chants aimed at those nasty Cubans!  Romero catches ‘Tempting’ Devon with a headscissors take down, putting an end to PHAT’s early shine.  Los Gringos work the double team before Reyes picks up a two count after a butterfly suplex.  Slingshot senton.  Willis ducks the double clothesline, connects with a double handspring elbow and tags out to Matlock.  Romero lands a satellite headscissors followed by a huracanrana, but when he goes for it a second time Matlock counters with a sit-out powerbomb.  Lionsault by Willis and Reyes is in to break up the cover, putting the boots in at the same and turning the match back in their favour.  Double face jam, but the ref is dealing with Matlock and misses seeing the Reyes cover.  Willis busts out his second handspring elbow of the match, this time a la the Great Muta as opposed to Tajiri.  Matlock gets a two after a tornado DDT and he and Reyes then run through a series of pinfall attempts and counters.  Combination belly to back/middle rope elbow by Los Gringos and now Willis is the one saving his partner.  He doesn’t escape the double team, ending up on the receiving end of a side slam/guillotine leg drop combo.  The match breaks down and Los Gringos end up getting disqualified for shoving the referee as he tries to stop the two of them from putting the boots to Willis in the corner.  At least rules are being adhered to then, even if this was a really weak ending.  The Gringos aren’t finished, Reyes coming off the top with a missile dropkick to Willis who is sat on Reyes’ shoulders.

This started out promising and could’ve told a nice story had they stuck to a traditional Southern formula, but the longer it went the more it seemed to lose its flow and direction.  Finish was really weak too and with this being held as part of some Independence Day celebrations you would think the U.S. team could’ve gone over clean.

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