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[2019-01-31-McAloon Productions-Ultimate Bar Brawl] Ken Shamrock vs Tom Lawlor


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This event is being held in an actual bar, no ring, and the Shamrock/Lawlor match is the main event on a four match card.  The vibe they wanted was more your ‘bar room brawl, hence the name of the show, but it generally comes off more like a WWF hardcore match from the late 90s/early 2000s, especially when Shamrock was in control.  Cosmetically he looks tremendous for a 54 year old man, although not sure the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’ moniker is still fitting.  Things were much better when Filthy Tom was on offense as it actually resembled a fight then as opposed to a wrestling match.  Lawlor applies a triangle choke at one point which Shamrock escapes from by slamming him to the concrete.  As a TUF alumni you would think he’d remember what happened between Noah Thomas and Marlon Sims!  They disappear into the women’s bathroom for a bit (all off camera) and next time we see them Lawlor is crawling on the floor, soaked and carrying a plunger.  Are we meant to think that Shamrock gave him a swirlie in there?  The plunger comes in to play, Lawlor using it for a modified camel clutch but it’s the ‘World’s Most Dangerous 54 year old’ who comes out on top, getting the ankle lock submission.

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