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[2000-08-11-IWC SoCal] Los Gringos (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) vs B-Boy & Primetime Peterson


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The match that was made last week after Ricky Reyes interfered in Rocky Romero’s singles bout with B-Boy.  Peterson and Romero start us off and after a double dropkick that sees both men hit nothing but air, Primetime offers his hand, only for Rocky to make out like he’s going to accept but then run it through his hair instead.  The two men tag out and B and Reyes work some nice exchanges, including Reyes busting out a ‘Cattle Mutilation’ and a single leg crab from B-Boy where he bends his opponent’s leg around his head.  As B expects a ‘test of strength’ he’s wide open and a cheap kick to the sternum is the beginning of the Gringos working him over for a bit.  B-Boy reverses the Irish whip, sit out hip toss and after making the tag they blast Rocky around the head with a double enziguiri.  Brainbuster for a two count as Reyes is in to break up the pin attempt.  Double basement dropkick to the front and back by Peterson and B-Boy.  Rocky ducks a clothesline and catches B with a springboard DDT.  Combination belly to back/middle rope elbow and now it’s Primetime saving his partner, something that will become a common theme over the next few minutes.  Reyes tosses B-Boy out to the concrete where Rocky puts the boots to him behind the official’s back.  Seated abdominal stretch with Primetime doing his best to rally the crowd from the apron.  The back drop is telegraphed and B-Boy with an implant DDT on Reyes.  Hot tag to Primetime who doesn’t really do much before tagging B back in.  Crossface and as it looks like Reyes is about to get to the ropes, B-Boy drags him back into the middle of the ring.  He appears to tap but Romero and Peterson are fighting it out in there and the match is continuing so guess he didn’t.  B-Boy holds on after the piledriver, cradle piledriver and finally a Death Valley Driver as he gets a pin over the United States champion.  That’s not lost on him and he challenges Reyes to a title match next week thinking that after that he deserves one.

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