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[2000-04-29-WWF-Metal] Tazz vs Tracey Smothers


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Dr Tom is on commentary with Kevin Kelly here and both put Smothers over as someone who Tazz can’t take lightly, saying how he is unorthodox and can make you look bad in a minute.  Tazz clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside where he slams his head into the ring steps.  Tracey gets the jump on him when they return to the ring, dropping a forearm across Tazz’s throat and eliciting a decent heel response.  Double leg takedown by Tazz who then unloads on his opponent.  Northern Lights suplex for a two.  Smothers reverses the Irish whip, Tazz ducks the kick and sinks in the ‘Tazzmission’ for the win.  Out of Tracey’s WWF enhancement work I’d say the Headbangers tag match has the slight edge.

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