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[2000-08-18-IWC SoCal] Ricky Reyes vs B-Boy


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Things are much slower and measured here compared to B-Boy’s match with Reyes’ Los Gringos partner.  B goes for a clothesline, Reyes slides between his legs, ankle trip and he drops a leg to the back of his head.  Double running knee to the chest followed by a double leg cradle for a two.  The Irish whip is reversed, B keeping hold of the arm and launching Reyes with an exploder.  Cross arm bar transitioned into from a seated abdominal stretch and Reyes wriggles over to the ropes for the break.  B-Boy is really early telegraphing the backdrop and gets spiked by a jumping DDT.  A baseball slide dropkick sends him to the outside, although there is no dive or anything, the referee preventing Reyes from following up.  B escapes the tombstone piledriver and hits a brainbuster before tying the champion in the ‘tree of woe’ and dropkicking him in the face.  Reyes fires back and gets a two after a butterfly suplex.  Boy avoids the ‘Stinger splash’ puts Reyes over his shoulder for a Death Valley Driver, but his swinging legs KO the referee.  There’s no-one to count so B-Boy does so himself, getting the visual pin in the process.  After a second Death Valley Driver the official comes around however Reyes grabs his hand to stop it coming down for the three.  Tombstone by Reyes and another call back, this time B-Boy stopping the count like Reyes did after his DVD.  Magistral cradle that B counters into a pinfall attempt of his own.  Tornado DDT, hip toss into an implant DDT, Diamond Cutter, frog splash, near falls aplenty from both men.  B-Boy lands on the apron after being back dropped over the top rope, sunset flip back inside but Reyes drops down on him and hooks his legs to retain the gold.

The build to this match has been on the back of some simple and straight forward booking 101; Reyes interfered in B-Boy’s match with his Los Gringos partner, that led to a tag team match where B got a pin over the champion, which resulted in him receiving a title shot.  There were some nice call backs in this, although it felt like they were trying to create an ‘epic’ with all the kick outs.  I almost feel as though I need to watch this a second time as the constant kick outs were taking something out of me.  Not at the level they were aiming for for me, however still a good match and interesting to note as well that B-Boy has been the common denominator in the vast majority of the better IWC matches.

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