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[2000-09-13-UPW-Truth or Consequences] Prototype vs Bad Boy Basil


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The Prototype runs out to save someone from a post-match double team and that segues into this match.  A solid looking clothesline from the ‘Bad Boy’ that Cena takes a nice bump from.  The in house commentator informs us that he, like the Prototype, is signed to a WWF developmental contract.  Basil pretty much throws himself onto Cena who then dumps him to the mat with a Samoan drop.  He goes to slingshot him into the turnbuckles but they’re too far away and Basil has to take an exaggerated bump in order to reach them.  Scoop powerslam by the ‘Bad Boy’ for a two.  Cena ducks the clothesline and comes back with a flying forearm, a dropkick and a one handed side slam, flexing his biceps with the free arm. Basil cuts Prototype off but he then reverses the Irish whip and the ref ends up getting squashed in the corner.  Prototype with a Blue Thunder Driver however there is no-one to make the count, even though the commentator gives it a shot over the microphone!  Damien Steele runs out and waffles Cena in the back with a chair and as he goes to collect a table, Rio, some jacked up Amazonian female, slams him before putting her considerable high heeled boots to him.  The commentator calls for some help from the dressing room for Prototype, although considering everyone in the arena can hear him, makes you wonder why he didn’t just forewarn him they were coming in the first place?  Steele powerbombs Cena through the table and with their job done he and Rio make their exits.  Prototype makes a speedy recovery and with Basil not paying attention and left all alone, he puts him away with a dodgy looking sidewalk slam.

Cena is insane physical shape here, not an ounce of fat on him and looking like he’s about to enter a bodybuilding contest.  I have recollections from the Observer that Bad Boy Basil died young and it may have been when he was under this developmental deal because as far as I remember he never made it out of UPW.  Talking of developmental deals, there is definitely a ‘look’ that the WWF goes for in the UPW guys that they sign; these two, Aaron Aguilera, Nathan Jones, John Heidenreich etc while someone like Samoa Joe who was there at the same time was passed over.  The match isn’t very good at all, but it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and does give us a very first interesting look at the man who would go on to be the face of the WWF for the best part of the next twenty years.

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