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[2000-10-14-APW-Westside Country] Dalip Singh vs Miyaki Frantz


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Singh has got some new pants this week after wrestling last week in shorts.  Miyaki with a bit of Capoeira as he looks to use his quickness and stay out of the big man’s way, not exactly tricky mind as my Gran could probably avoid those shots they’re coming that slow.  A clubbing blow to the chest drops Miyaki as Singh then runs his face across the top rope.  He’s clearly not learned anything from last week’s DQ as he’s now in the face of referee Jimmy Ripp.  Singh brushes off Frantz’s dropkick and plants him with a big side slam.  After tossing him to the floor Dalip follows him out and presses him overhead whilst walking around ringside before dumping him over the top and back inside.  Frantz stupidly tries a sunset flip, but Singh grabs him around the neck, picks him up and slams him to the mat.  A big boot misses by a country mile, although it doesn’t matter as Miyaki’s suffering is almost over, ‘the Giant’ picking up the win after a chokeslam.  Just to compound everything for him, Frantz is then carried from the ring to the dressing room.

Singh looked better here than he did in the tag match, he also showed a bit of agility in there with a leg drop, although probably not a move he should be doing regularly at his size.  The military press is still mighty impressive and in all honesty I wasn’t as offended as I imagined going in.

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