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[2000-12-06-WCW-Thunder] Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire vs Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias


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We get an advert for the Triple Threat Ladder match at Starrcade which will determine the number one contender to the Cruiserweight title.  How does that even work?  It’s not like two men can become the number one contender.  I assume it is whomever scores the pin gets the shot, but that is so WCW.  The Thrillers jump their opponents and toss them over the ropes to the floor.  As they showboat to the hard cam Noble and Karagias are supposed to nail them with springboard dropkicks, but only Jamie manages it, Evan slipping on the top rope!  Karagias with a reverse neckbreaker and while he would rather dance, Noble is more interested in wrestling and get his partner to suplex him face first onto the downed Jindrak.  Flying clothesline off the top by Noble however Evan then tags himself in, Mike Tenay referring to him as a “glory hog” as they continue the storyline tension between the two.  Noble whips Jindrak towards the corner but he vaults out onto the apron and catches the incoming Noble with a back elbow before levelling him with a springboard clothesline.  Tag to O’Haire who hits an impressive sit out slam.  The Thrillers go about dismantling Noble, luring Karagias into the ring only to then double team his partner behind the official’s back while he’s dealing with him.  Noble catches Jindrak with a headscissors but the big man then plants him with a tilt-a-whirl slam.  A desperation enziguiri and Noble crawls through Jindrak’s legs to make the hot tag.  Quesadora into a face jam.  The match spills to the outside where Noble & Karagias collect a ladder from under the ring and use it as a weapon, ramming it into O’Haire’s ribs and dropkicking it into Jindrak.  The two can’t remain on the same page for long though and as they argue amongst themselves, O’Haire wipes them out with a double clothesline.  A pair of huge double beels outside back in.  O’Haire then press slams Evan and drops him all the way to the concrete.  Combination top rope Frankensteiner/’Seanton Bomb’ and it’s a win for the Thrillers.

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