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[2000-12-06-WCW-Thunder] Mike Sanders vs Chavo Guerrero Jr


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Chavo earned this title shot after defeating Kwee Wee on Monday night and to keep things all fair and square, CEO Ric Flair has banned the Natural Born Thrillers from ringside.  A great European uppercut by Chavo that lifts Sanders up off his feet.  Belly to back suplex and Chavo is displaying a much more aggressive attitude here, something that the commentators have picked up on.  Sanders keeps hold of the arm and slides through Chavo’s legs before launching him with a big overhead pump handle.  Stomps, rake of the eyes, choking Chavo over the ropes, it’s all pretty rudimentary from the champion.  Chavo fights his way out of a seated cobra clutch and levels Sanders with a flying clothesline.  He sends him over the top rope to the outside and lands a pescado.  After whipping Sanders into the guard rail Chavo runs into a big boot and is then floored by a stiff lariat.  Before returning to the ring Sanders picks up his title belt but drops it on being dropkicked in the back.  He looks to use Chavo’s own move against him, however the tornado DDT gets countered with a Northern Lights suplex.  As he repeatedly puts the boots in referee Scott Armstrong is forced to intervene and has to drag him off.  Sanders pushes him aside and in that split second with his view averted, he misses seeing Chavo waffle the champ with the belt that he had moments earlier brought into the ring.  Chavo briefly pays possum not to arouse suspicion before hitting the brain buster to become the new WCW Cruiserweight champion.

I’m liking this new attitude from Chavo, the aggressiveness, the snugness in his offense, but Sanders is a real ball and chain around your ankle when you work with him.

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