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[2000-12-13-WCW-Thunder] DDP vs Mike Sanders


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The Natural Born Thrillers are seen leaving DDP’s dressing room and when the camera enters to find out what’s been going on, we see Kevin Nash layed out on the floor.  Another match that has been booked by CEO Ric Flair.  After spitting chewing gum in each other’s face, a hard open hand slap wobbles Sanders.  ‘Cactus clothesline’ as both end up on the outside.  Page hurls him into the guard rail and then slams him head first into the announcer’s table.  We get a telephone interview from Sid and the match plays second fiddle to what he has to say.  Low blow by Sanders before dropping DDP face first into the top turnbuckle.  More weak offence out of Sanders but all that does is fire Page up.  That awesome gut wrench into a piledriver, Diamond Cutter, when out runs Jindrak and O’Haire for the DQ.  DDP holds his own against the three of them until Chuck Palumbo arrives and the numbers are just too much for him.  After a ‘Seanton bomb’, Palumbo puts Sanders on top of Page and instructs referee Billy Silverman to count.  When he won’t because the match is already over, Palumbo counts himself.

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