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[2000-12-20-WCW-Thunder] Scott Steiner vs Ernest Miller


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The ‘three time World Karate champion’ throws out a tentative kick, although that doesn’t phase the WCW champion who bullies him around and handles him with ease.  After the Steinerline/elbow drop/push up sequence he’s over to Ms Jones to see whether she wants some of a real man.  This continues to be all Steiner until he runs into a nasty barefoot.  ‘The Cat’ with a bit of ground and pound before a side kick sends ‘Big Poppa Pump’ through the ropes to the floor.  I must’ve said this before but for a supposed striker/Karate practitioner Cat’s kicks look so shit.  On the outside he throws Steiner into the ring steps and that leads to a catfight between the women, the camera concentrating more on them than the men.  Cat and Steiner return to the ring where the champ, sorry WCW champ to avoid any confusion, lands a belly to belly suplex.  A mysterious masked man, who will be part of the multi-man World title match at Sin, then appears on the entrance stage and distracts Steiner.  ‘Feliner kick’ but the champ kicks out of the cover.  A jawbreaker counters whatever ‘the Cat’ had planned next, over the top fallaway slam and he then slaps on ‘the recliner’ for the submission.   Steiner doesn’t bother to hang around, taking off after that mystery man.

Adios WCW, see you in 2001!

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