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[1992-09-02-WCW-Clash of the Champions XX] Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton vs Greg Valentine & Dick Slater


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This is a match I think a lot of people here would dig. It can best be described as a Bizarro World version of the Steiners vs. Sting and Luger match at Superbrawl the previous year. That was a crowd-pleasing spotfest with two babyface teams while this was a cheat-fest, for lack of a better term, between two heel teams. There was an illegal double-team or a run-in to break up a pin or submission or some other illegal tactic roughly every 30 seconds. And that's on top of the gritty brawling and matwork you'd expect from these guys. Eaton was the star of the match, with his uppercut to Slater on the outside being the highlight. I also loved Slater's punches and elbows. Unfortunately, it's too short to be a true classic, although it may be the greatest sub-6 minute match of all time. If they had twice as much time to work with, it could've been a top ten match in WCW history. Still, it's well worth going out of your way to check out.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-09-02-WCW-Clash of the Champions XX] Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton vs Greg Valentine & Dick Slater

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