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[2000-10-26-IWA-PR-Juana Diaz, PR] Juventud Guerrera & Shan Hill vs Super Crazy & Paparazzi


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Thanks to one of the Puerto Rican uploaders on YouTube we now have all of the RF filmed fancams of IWA-PR  from when Feinstein would follow Super Crazy and Tajiri on their tours to the island; the added bonus this time around is that Juventud Guerrera was on the same tour.  Juvi and Paparazzi work a fast opening and after dropping him with a spinning heel kick Paparazzi shuffles on his knees over to his corner and puts his arms around Super Crazy looking for some sympathy.  From the reactions I take it Paparazzi does some sort of implied ‘gay’ gimmick as that doesn’t sit too well with Crazy.  A nice rolling kneebar by Crazy and Juvi is in to make the save.  The intrigue here is clearly Juvi against Crazy and they’re doing the smart job of making us wait for that.  Of course just as I type that we get it!  Crazy backdrops Juvi over the top rope, however he lands on the apron and then catches him with a plancha.    Three lightning fast arm drags followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam and Paparazzi is rubbing his partner’s back tying to ease the pain.  Crazy does not like the ‘gays’ or at least being touched by them anyway it would seem!  Sunset flip spot with Paparazzi’s pants being pulled down.  Hill counters the Crazy front suplex with an inside cradle but Paparazzi is keeping the official busy and he doesn’t see the cover.  In a call back to earlier when Crazy went flying into the turnbuckles when Hill avoided the charge, this time it is Hill who crashes into them when Crazy steps out of the way.  Lionsault for a near fall.  Paparazzi does his best Muhammad Ali impression as he jabs away at Hill before a right to the chest drops him.  A big running kick by Paparazzi who then does himself no favours by pulling Hill’s trunks down and smacking him on the backside.  Hill rolls out the way of the Crazy top rope Quebrada and hot tags Juvi.  ‘The Juice’ is indeed loose and all four men are soon in the ring going at it. Crazy clotheslines Hill to the outside while Juvi and Paparazzi exchange hard open hand slaps.  A pescado by Crazy is the start of a series of dives, ending with a Juvi plancha out onto everyone.  He and Crazy recover quickest, although we do get a slight miscommunication between the pair before a satellite headscissors.  After a dropkick sends Crazy through the ropes to the floor Juvi is attacked from behind by Paparazzi.  Not that it matters as Juvi floats over on the suplex and hits the ‘Juvi Driver’ for the win.    

I initially thought that this was one of those deals where Juvi had taken bookings without the office’s knowledge (like the Luchadores often did in WCW when they’d work Mexico), as surely there was no way they would let him work an IWA-PR show against an ECW wrestler.  On further digging the last match I had for him in WCW was on 10/3 so it looks like he is already finished with the company now.  Enjoyable match and Juvi certainly didn’t coast like I thought he might on a random house show.  If he is done with WCW maybe he’s got those working boots on to try and secure a gig elsewhere? Then again if you’ve got a great vocal crowd like they have here that will motivate you plenty.  The Paparazzi gimmick is tedious, but neither he nor Shan Hill let the side down both holding their own with the more established stars.

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