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[2000-10-26-IWA-PR-Juana Diaz, PR] Chicky Starr vs Vyzago


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Things are a bit slow getting going here, when they do there’s a great spot by Starr who just pops Vyzago in the jaw when it looks like he was going for a shoulder tackle.  It’s worth mentioning that Chicky is the face and after Vyzago escapes a side headlock Starr has words with the referee claiming that Vyz had pulled his hair to do so.  Vyz refutes that immediately saying “I didn’t pull his God damn hair!” but Chicky is insistent that he did.  He never, although the seeds have already been planted in the official’s mind, so when Starr goes back to that side headlock again and Vyz’s hands come up towards his hair, the ref is waiting and pushes them straight back down.  As Chicky hits the ropes, El Lobo, Vyzago’s second, grabs his ankle and pulls him out under the bottom one to the floor.  The official has had enough already and orders Lobo back to the dressing room, but while he is dealing with him Vyz takes advantage of the situation, choking Starr and slamming his head into the wooden ring steps.  The action finally returns to the ring and Vyz’s kicks to the stomach only seem to fire Chicky up.  He cuts off any potential comeback though with a rake to the eyes and gets a two count after a leg drop.  Vyz sits in a rear chinlock and while that could easily deaden a crowd, Chicky gestures to them for support and to get behind him, which they do in force.  Starr ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of his own as Vyz is now calling for a time out.  Dude should know that this isn’t the NFL!  Chicky hammers away on Vyzago as the crowd join in with every one of his shots.  Vyz sidesteps a charging Starr and gives him a shove through the ropes to the outside.  Sunset flip back into the ring, however Vyz grabs hold of the ropes and sits down on Starr for the three.  The fans again do their best to help Starr and tell the referee what went on, but he’s forced to raise Vyzago’s hand who doesn’t bother to wait around just in case he does change his mind.

I liked Starr in this as he’s one of those guys who does little things to keep the match interesting so you have to keep your concentration and can’t afford to switch off in case you miss something.  Even that rear chinock, which in reality is just a rest hold and which could be an easy momentum killer, Starr is working and getting the crowd into it.  Vyzago was fine, but in reality you could’ve have put anybody in his position.  It does appear from the match listings of this three night Puerto Rican tour that this is the start of a story between the two.

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