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[2000-10-27-IWA-PR-Yabucoa, PR] Chicky Starr vs Vyzago / Chicky Starr & Victor the Bodyguard vs Vyzago & El Lobo


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Chicky Starr vs Vyzago (IWA-PR Yabucoa, PR 10/27/00)

Vyzago waits for Starr on the concrete, not even bothering to get in the ring.  This kicks off pretty much the moment Chicky walks through the curtain and he gets some early payback for last night, slamming Vyz’s head into the ring steps.  Not for the first time this tour Doug Gentry (I assume he’s filming) is too close to the wrestlers and you hear Starr say “shoulder” just as he whips his opponent into the ring post, Vyz hitting shoulder first as called.  Chicky throws him back inside and a big haymaker drops Vyz.  This has been all one way traffic so far.  El Lobo must’ve thought the same because as Vyzago backs off he runs out and attacks Starr from behind.  The referee calls for the bell and this one is over already.  The two of them put the boots to him until Victor the Bodyguard makes the save, clearing the ring of them both.  Chicky isn’t satisfied with a DQ win and says something Spanish leading to an impromptu tag match between the four.

(I'll amend this and add the tag match when I've watched it.  Not sure what's gone on but the edited match from Chicky & Victor vs Vyz & Lobothat is dated 10/27 definitely isn't.  I have a feeling it's a clipped version of their match from 10/28 but will confirm when watched)

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