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[2000-10-28-IPW-Halloween Hell] Mike Sullivan vs Barry Horowitz vs ODD


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ODD is accompanied by two guys who look like they were Dudley brother rejects.  Wait a minute, ODD is Jeff Bradley who was Dudley Dudley in ECW.  I wonder if ODD stands for Original Dudley Dudley then, and it’s one of those deals where he can’t use the Dudley name because it’s trademarked by the WWF.  This was supposed to be a tag team match with ODD and Horowitz taking on Mike Sullivan and Buck Quartermaine, however ‘the Iceman’ is a no show and ‘Marvellous’ Mike doesn’t know where he is.  Sullivan says that he signed a contract for a tag team match, not a singles match and not a handicap match, and as no-one in the back wants to tag with him thinks they should call it a day and he’ll go home.  The referee informs Sullivan that for the past five months he’s been saving his ass and tonight they’re going to give the people what they want, a ‘three way dance’ for the IPW World title.

Horowitz jumps Sullivan and he and ODD start out working together against the Heavyweight champion.  Another IPW show and, in what has been the story of this promotion’s year, another with dodgy camera work.  Already Horowitz is losing his patience with ODD who’s not in position for the double team as he has Sullivan draped across the middle rope.  Combination reverse DDT/double axe handle.  Sullivan ducks out the way of the double clothesline as the challengers accidentally clothesline each other.  That hasn’t quite done for them just yet but it won’t be much longer.  As soon as I had finished typing that ODD breaks up a Horowitz quarter nelson pin attempt and now they’re going at it.  ODD throws him to the outside and then reverses a whip to the corner sending Sullivan crashing into a plastic sled that had made its way into the ring somehow (missed by the cameraman).  Horowitz is back in time to break up the cover and wallops ODD with that sled before throwing it to the floor saying how he doesn’t need  hardcore to beat him.  A couple of lovely suplexes from ‘the Stretcher’ in the form of Northern Lights and butterfly variations.  ODD drags Horowitz out to ringside where he whips him into the ring post as the fans start chanting for tables.  Not really going out on much of a limb here but I don’t fancy their chances of seeing tables in a match involving Barry Horowitz!  As he returns to the ring Sullivan catches him with a dropkick which sends ODD backwards into the ropes where he does the old Andre spot of getting tied up in them.  Boston crab, Texas Cloverleaf and Figure Four submission attempts are all broken up by the third man in what is becoming the story of this match.  Abdominal stretch into a cradle, deep powerslam, it’s more of the same as that story continues.  The camerawork has deteriorated the longer that this has gone on.  ODD steals the cover after a Horowitz gutwrench but Sullivan still manages to kick out.  WTF!  Just as it looks like Sullivan is starting his comeback the cameraman stops filming what is happening in the ring and focuses on Electra, Sullivan’s valet, at ringside!  Sullivan sits Horowitz on the top turnbuckle for a superplex when ODD gets under him and puts him on his shoulders in an electric chair position.  As Horowitz climbs to the top, patting himself on the back but also looking very unsteady as he does, Electra shakes the ropes causing him to lose his balance.  Sullivan quickly schoolboys ODD to retain his title as the two challenges come to blows post-match.  Not the first IPW that suffers due to the quality of the camera work!

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