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[2000-11-22-TCW] Dusty Rhodes vs Luther Biggs vs Liberty McCall


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The only bit of TCW I could find at the time was this three-way match featuring ‘the Dream’, Luther ‘Burning Love’ Biggs and Liberty McCall.  The on screen graphics are very rudimentary, while you can see a young Cody working the merchandise tables.  From the run time I thought this was going to be a short match, it is in fact highlights set to music.  Biggs’ ‘Burning Love’ gimmick is a knock off Elvis, and I don’t know if that’s better or worse than the overweight college student gimmick he was doing during his cup of coffee with WCW.  McCall does the wobbly legs after a Dusty bionic elbow, ‘the Dream’s’ offense limited to that and kicking his opponents between the legs.  The two of them work together against him, even busting Dust open, until the inevitable disagreements and they start arguing amongst themselves, eventually getting back on the same page.  Biggs accidentally connects with McCall on the running crossbody after Dusty moves out the way, sending him sprawling through the ropes to the floor, and ‘the Dream’ then drops the elbow on ‘Burning Love’ for the predictable win.

 I imagine only having the highlights was for the better.  Still, Dusty did get colour and the crowd were more into this than that Street Fight from Beau James’ promotion.

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