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[2000-12-16-WWC] Ray Gonzalez vs Curt Hennig


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I always enjoy checking out the old clips on the intro to these WWC matches, of course this was joined in progress but you didn’t need me to tell you that.  Only the last few minutes are shown and this is less appealing than Hennig’s match with Carly Colon as at least Carly can get the crowd behind him and into what they’re seeing, they were deathly silent for all of this.  Gonzalez works over the leg, pretty basically, but when he looks for the Figure Four Curt kicks him off and he goes flying through the ropes to the outside.  Bar shaking that leg out in what feels like an after thought, Curt doesn’t even bother to sell it.  There is no atmosphere whatsoever to any of this.  Gonzalez telegraphs a backdrop and as Hennig hits the ‘Perfect-plex’ he’s attacked by Horace Boulder who has run out from the back for the DQ.  The two then put the boots to him until the footage ends.   Not worth your time and if you have an interest in seeing Curt Hennig in Puerto Rico, watch the Carly Colon match not this (not that that one is any good or anything!).

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