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[2000-12-09-BBP-Season's Beatings] Backseat Boyz vs Ric Blade & Nicky Benz


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The Backseat Boyz have had different entrance themes depending on what Indy promotion they’ve been in, tonight we get the live version of “I Want It That Way” which I whole heartedly approve of.  They have got candy with them to hand out to the kids in attendance, although there is one grown man who is far too eager to get his hands on the sweets.  All four men are in each other’s faces, the commentators thinking that they’re trying to psyche each other out, but we actually get some handshakes and embraces from them.  A great opening sequence here, ending with stereo exploders from Trent and Johnny who then clothesline Blade and Benz over the top rope to the outside.  That didn’t look anywhere near as business exposing and co-operative as those earlier CZW matches involving Blade and the Backseats.  Johnny teases backdropping Trent out on their opponents but he fakes them out, hopping onto the apron and then slingshotting Kashmere out into them instead.  Big moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor by Trent.  They drag Benz back into the ring and even though he avoids the double clothesline, they block his attempt, lift him up and drive him hard into the canvas.  Blade is waiting on the opposite side of the ring but fares no better, the Backseats catching him with a double hip toss into a combination sit out powerbomb/neckbreaker as he comes off the ropes.  Trent collects a small ladder from under the ring however, as he shows it to the fans, inside Benz reverses the Irish whip, sidesteps Kashmere and gives him a helping hand over the top and out onto his partner.  Benz with a flip dive, launching himself off the back of Blade, and then Blade with a top rope corkscrew quebrada.  Whippersnapper on Kashmere.  As Trent goes for a tornado bulldog on Benz, Blade snatches him, flips him over and dumps him to the mat.  After a Michinoku Driver, Ric lays the ladder over a prone Johnny and Benz then pancakes his partner on top of it.  The commentator is not sure if Kashmere will be able to get up from that, although looking at the state Blade is in, I’m not sure he will either.  Trent ducks the clothesline and plants Benz with a Blue Thunder Bomb.  He rests the ladder upright against the middle turnbuckles but Benz blocks the attempted suplex, reverses things and then suplexes Trent onto it.  Blade is still down and it looks like he’s rubbing his collar bone.  A ‘Texas lariat’ lays Acid out on that ladder and Benz with a Lionsault, Johnny making the save in the nick of time.  Vertical suplex into a stunner by Kashmere on Blade and this time Benz is the one doing the saving with some help from that ladder, which he then eats courtesy of a Trent missile dropkick.  More ladder assisted stunts as Johnny with a tumbleweed onto the ladder which he had placed over Benz.  Double springboard dropkick by Blade, the action having been non-stop.  As Trent rallies the crowd to get behind them, he’s caught upstairs and falls victim to a double team assault driver.  Benz with the frog splash but for the second time Johnny saves his partner.  Uranage by Blade on Kashmere who then does his moonsault sequence, starting with a standing version and then working his way up all the turnbuckles, finally finishing with a corkscrew variety.  Benz and Blade think they’ve got this won and as Blade heads up top, Kashmere counters the Benz ‘Saito suplex’ and falls on top of him.  Trent leaps off his partner’s back and forearms Blade in the mush then decks Benz with a superkick.  ‘Acid Bomb’ from the top into the ladder, wedging Blade’s head between two of the rungs.  That looked tremendous, although no doubt hurt like hell to take.  Needless to say that gets the job done, the Backseat Boyz coming out victorious.  The four get a standing ovation and Donnie B is even out to congratulate them.  It turns out Blade got busted open hardway on that finish and has a pretty nasty cut across the bridge of his nose.

If you liked the CZW spotfests from earlier in the year involving the Backseats, Blade and ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo you’ll like this.  In fact I think it was a much better match than any of them, a cleaner version if you will.  Nothing looked as choreographed or rehearsed as some of the stuff in those matches whilst this was also one of Ric Blade’s best performances of the year.  Bar one slight by Berk when he had to catch Blade for the quesadora pancake onto the ladder, that Ric still managed to hurt himself on, he didn’t botch a thing, even his kicks didn’t look anywhere near as bad as they have tended to.  The Backseat Boyz were fantastic and as we say goodbye to them in the year 2000 I’ll say again that it’s a crying shame how Trent Acid’s life end up.  Highly recommended.

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