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[2000-12-16-WOW] Beckie the Farmer's Daughter & Bronco Billie vs Danger & Riot


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The Tag Team tournament continues and I have a feeling this is either going to be a pleasant surprise or real bad, there tends to be no middle ground with WOW.  The ‘Weapon’s Master’ Danger does Triple H’s shtick of drinking a bottle of water as she makes her entrance and then spits it out.  Lee Marshall is at it again with the hyperbole, saying how that in their years following professional wrestling he and David McCain have seen some pretty formidable tag teams, but Riot and Danger are just plain scary.  Beckie does the same reverse crossbody spot that she did against Thug, although this time doesn’t look anywhere near as impressive as she fails to run up all the turnbuckles and has to come off the middle one instead.  Danger almost loses her on the side slam, just about holding on, before Beckie again takes that great 360 degree flip bump off a clothesline.   There’s a real bad looking spot that shows that these girls are not really  wrestlers when Danger rams Beckie’s head into the turnbuckle, only problem is she goes to Beckie’s own corner to do it.  Billie could easily make the tag, but as it wasn’t the ‘right time’ she just stands there on the apron right next to her partner who was getting pounded on.   When the time comes she makes that tag and we go for a commercial break right as Riot misses an elbow.  Bronco Billie with a bulldog for a two count.  Tensions are being teased between Danger and Riot as Danger delays on tagging her partner when she wants in, preferring to carry on dishing out the beating herself.   When she finally does, Bronco scoots between Riot’s legs and makes the hot tag to Beckie.  A dropkick for Riot followed by a double hip toss and I feared for her having to take that from these two.  Double dropkick, however they dropkick Riot backwards into her own corner.  Danger with a uranage (called the ‘Danger Drop’) on Billie and then one for Beckie.  Riot tags herself back in, against her partner’s wishes, makes the cover, but then picks Beckie up at the count of two to continue the punishment.  She has Beckie set for a powerbomb but the Farmer’s Girl counters with a sunset flip as she and Billie move on to the next round, Riot’s cockiness having cost her and Danger the match.

Well it didn’t fall into the pleasant surprise category and dragged, even though the match itself, including introductions, went less than ten minutes.  The three tag matches we’ve watched have been far worse than the singles encounters.  Even though the girls have probably been trained move for move, you can see the holes and things like ramming your opponents head into the turnbuckle in their own corner would NEVER happen anywhere else.  The dissension is an interesting storyline, although I thought Riot looked tons better in the single’s match from next year’s PPV that I’ve already watched.  Elsewhere I doubt Bronco Billie will ever get it, Danger didn’t show much, while Beckie at least does come across as an athlete (again evidenced in her singles match with Thug).

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