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[2000-11-24-IWA-PR-Manati, PR] Yasu Urano vs Suzuki


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Suzuki comes from the school of exaggerating the stomp when you deliver clubbing blows!  This picks up from that dodgy opening as the wrestling and exchanges are real slick.  Suzuki counters the sleeper with a jawbreaker and cranks on a side headlock.  Urano shoots him off, catches him with a hip toss and then levels him with a pair of dropkicks that send Suzuki under the bottom rope to the outside where he looks to regroup.  The two stiff each other with hard open hand slaps to the chest before Suzuki changes tact with a couple of running headbutts.  He picks up a near fall following a falling headbutt as Urano is clearly still feeling the effect of those slaps.  After  Suzuki misses the running forearm smash in the corner, Urano with a missile dropkick for a two.  Thrust kick to the chest, but as he charges at his opponent he runs into a spear.  Urano avoids the Benoitesque diving headbutt and rolls Suzuki up with a Magistral cradle for the win.

Enjoyable five minute opener between two young Japanese wresters who’re down in Puerto Rico to gain a bit of experience.  They didn’t do a lot, but what they did do they did well; very reminiscent of the kind of match you’d find opening a show in Japan in that aspect, where the rookies look to get the basics down pat first before expanding their arsenal.  I thought Urano had the more potential of the two, however that’s not a slight on Suzuki at all.

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