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[2000-11-24-IWA-PR-Manati, PR] TNT vs Heriberto Lopez's Bodyguards / TNT vs Heriberto Lopez


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Although these two matches didn't air consecutively on the show, I'm grouping them together.

TNT vs Heriberto Lopez’s Bodyguards 

Heriberto Lopez is a moustached silver fox and I can tell already that my lack of Spanish is going to hurt this big time.  He says something to TNT, which antagonises the crowd, and Savio gets out of the ring to confront him.  After he slaps Heriberto across the chops, Lopez’s two bodyguards jump him from behind.  From spending far too long watching wresting I can only assume that Heriberto said something along the lines that if he wants him, he has to get past his bodyguards first.  I don’t recognise either bodyguard but they’re two bald chaps in Adidas sportswear.  Despite the referee’s best efforts to get one of them out onto the apron he has no luck, and this remains a handicap match with all three men in the ring together.  As one of the bodyguards distracts the official Heriberto gets in some cheap shots from the floor, winding the crowd up even more.  Savio ducks the double clothesline and fells them both with one of his own.  This isn’t good but the heat is there.  He does some flashy looking martial arts stuff clearing the ring of one of them after a heel kick and then blowing the green mist in the face of the other.  One superkick later that’s the three.  He has some more words for Lopez post-match, although as they’re in Spanish I’m at a loss at what they are.

TNT vs Heriberto Lopez 

Heriberto looks rather confident, a stark change from how he was earlier, even proficiently running the ropes.  Well that confidence was misplaced as he does his everything he can to avoid contact with TNT darting in and out the ring and running around it.  The shape these two are in I wonder who is going to blow up first.  When Savio finally gets a hold of him and throws him inside Lopez is immediately back on his bike.  Considering they have done nothing this is at least funny.  After cornering him we get one punch, two knife edge chops and TNT then slaps on a ‘Cobra clutch’ submission.  Just as Lopez is about to go out the heel dressing room empties, quickly followed by the faces and an almighty brawl, involving what looks like everyone on the card, takes place.  We get the random bell ringing again that has no effect whatsoever in restoring order.  In amongst all this the heels retreat, eventually returning as TNT and Lopez go back and forth on the mic.  No idea what the official result was, whether Lopez was put to sleep or it was a disqualification due to the run in, either way TNT got the ‘W’.  After Lopez and his posse leave for the last time the faces take it in turns to dance in the ring, Zarrux the mummy even throwing a shape or two.

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