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[2000-11-25-IWA-PR-Night of the Champions] HIROKI vs Yasu Urano


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The opening moments of this match are spent working around a wristlock.  HIROKI tries to spin his way out of the front chancery but Urano rolls with him, eventually managing to do so at the third attempt.  We get the exact same sequence from last night starting with the side headlock, leading to HIROKI taking a powder on the floor, and the two then exchanging hard open hand slaps.  No running headbutts though as HIROKI takes Urano down with a great looking spinning leg lariat before dropkicking his seated opponent in the back of the head.  Urano floats over on the attempted suplex and a backslide for a two.  Middle rope missile dropkick.  As he charges, HIROKI gets his feet up and Urano runs into them.  Jawbreaker followed by a German suplex as Urano barely gets a shoulder up.  There’s no-one home on the moonsault though  and Urano with a schoolboy to pick up his second win on the trot.

A similar situation, and at times match, to last night’s show opener in Manati.

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