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[2000-12-24-WWF-Sunday Night Heat] Dean Malenko vs Matt Hardy


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Tazz thinks that Matt Hardy is jealous of Dean Malenko because he sees him as a good looking guy and competition for Lita.  The Light-Heavyweight champion blows kisses towards her which only pisses off Matt who slaps him across the face before dropping him with a clothesline and unloading with punches.  After whipping him hard into the turnbuckle Matt collects Dean’s title belt from the outside which he brings back into the ring with him.  As referee Tim White tries to snatch it away, the two end up playing tug of war and Malenko clubs Matt from behind.  Tazz’s commentary is beyond atrocious and he’s clearly his own biggest fan, finding himself far more amusing than anyone who has the misfortune of having to listen to him does!  Malenko slaps on a rear chinlock as Jeff and Lita bang the mat to provide some encourage him from ringside.  The whip to the corner is reversed, Malenko with a tip up, but Matt has it scouted and dumps him with a belly to back.  Hardy runs into a back elbow, however as Dean heads upstairs Matt swipes out a leg and crotches him on the top turnbuckle.  Suicideplex for a two, Matt forgoing the three and lifting his opponent up at the count of two in favour of administering more punishment.  It’s the same story after the middle rope legdrop as well.  Malenko counters the ‘Twist of Fate’ with a backslide but Matt escapes and looks for a ‘Texas cloverleaf’.  Just as he turns him over, Perry Saturn and Terri are up on the apron.  Matt nails Saturn and Lita trips Terri, although in the confusion Malenko schoolboys Hardy and gets the pinfall, using the ropes for a bit of additional leverage. 

 There was great crowd heat for all of this, way more than you would normally find on a match from Heat.

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