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[2000-12-25-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko


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As the Hardy Boyz make their way through the arena, Matt tells Lita that he wants her to stay in the back tonight as ‘the Radicalz’ have put their hands on her before and he doesn’t want them doing it again.  Lita says that she respects them looking out for her, but they need to respect the fact that she wants to be out there by their side, Matt’s request ultimately falling on deaf ears.  Matt makes a beeline straight for Malenko, however Benoit gets to him before he can do so.  After ‘the Crippler’ is whipped into the ropes, Malenko grabs his partner’s ankle from the floor and pulls him to the outside.  There’s no safe haven for them tonight though as Jeff springs off his brother’s back with an awesome looking ‘Poetry in Motion’ over the top rope out onto them.  Headscissors takedown on Benoit but Jeff then makes the mistake of disregarding his opponent to nail Malenko on the apron and when he turns back around he walks into a dragon screw.  The Radicalz meticulously go about targeting the left leg, Malenko even managing to get a cheap shot of his own in on Matt in the process.  Jeff reverses the Irish whip, keeps hold of the arm and transitions to a Peterson roll for a two (that’s the move he pinned Benoit with on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago).  He flips over on the double belly to back and lands a double dropkick.  Hot tag to Matt who spears Malenko and just unloads with punches.  Benoit saves his partner and very soon all four men are in the ring.  Malenko blocks the ‘Twist of Fate’ and then sits Matt on the top turnbuckle.  With the referee in the opposite corner dealing with Benoit and Jeff, Lita hops in the ring and low blows the Light Heavyweight champion who falls to the mat.  Top rope legdrop by Matt and that’s another in the win column for the Hardyz.  Post-match Malenko puts Matt in the ‘Texas cloverleaf’ and when Lita tries to pull him off, she’s attacked by Benoit who puts her in the crossface, Jeff having already been laid out by ‘the Crippler’ at this point.

After a commercial break we see Lita being tended to by the paramedics back stage as Matt says how he told her that she shouldn’t have been out there.  Benoit shows up to rub it in which leads to Matt charging at him, the pair having to be separated by a bunch of WWF referees and officials.

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