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[2000-12-08-JAPW-Season's Beatings 2000] Backseat Boyz vs Christopher Street Connection (Buff E. & Mace)


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One of the more progressive crowds we’ve seen on the independent scene who seem quite pro the Christopher Street Connection, although I could’ve done without that one chap pulling his shirt up so that Buff E. could lick his nipple.  Buff E. thanks all his male fans for coming tonight and then informs the Backseat Boyz that this isn’t J-A-P but Gay-A-P.  There’s a terrible looking moment early as the Backseats do a double leapfrog, drop down, dropkick spot, only Buff E. stutters before he jumps over Trent, screwing up Johnny’s timing and the dropkick, which he sells as if his face has been kicked off, misses connecting by a good two feet.  The CSC have had enough already, grab Foo Foo and head the dressing room.  They actually make it through the curtain but the Backseats have no interest in a count out victory, chase after them and drag them back to the ring.  A Mace T-Bone is just about caught on camera before the CSC take it in turns to chop Johnny.  He brushes those chops off, pokes the two of them in the eyes and goes for a double noggin knocker, only for the CSC to block it and start making out with each other in the middle of the ring.  That does the trick mind, distracting Kashmere as the tide starts to turn in the match.  It’s not the hardest hitting of offense and includes a Mace drop toe hold on his own partner that results in Buff E. headbutting Johnny in the crotch.  Buff E. asks “where’s my homos at?” and the front row of one side of the ring puts their hands up, you wouldn’t be getting that in the EWF that’s for sure!  Kashmere reverses an Irish whip sending him crashing into Mace and we get the ‘comedy’ spot of them falling to the mat with Mace behind his partner in a doggy style position.  Trent gets caught when he goes up top but counters the Mace superplex with a sit out front suplex.  Double jumping DDT which looked like something they called on the fly.  Buff E. breaks up the Kashmere cover and that leads to the finish which is exactly the same as how the BBP tag against Rick Blade & Nicky Benz that I watched earlier ended, only minus the ladder.  The Backseat Boyz don’t stick around and Trent actually looks pretty pissed as he leaves.

When we watched Mace Mendoza in that FWA ‘tables & ladders’ match he, pardon the pun, played it straight, his gimmick was never part of the match, here, partnering Buff E., it’s hammered home with the two of them kissing in the ring, in their offense and in the ‘comedy’ doggy style spot.  Buff E. himself is pretty bad as a wrestler and I hold him fully to blame for that terrible blown dropkick.  The crowd here were great mind, unlike the majority of promotions who would’ve turned on the Christopher Street Connection in a heartbeat.  I get the impression that the Backseats knew this wasn’t a good one, and they were right.

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