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[2000-12-21-WWF-Smackdown] Matt & Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn


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A lame Jericho promo where he says how even in this holiday season the Radicalz have found someone to cuddle up to; Perry Saturn with Terri the Tramp, Dean Malerkle (sic) and his when hell freezes over and when platypuses fly out my butt girlfriend Lita and even ‘Mr Robotto’ Chris Benoit, leading to Y2J putting up a graphic of Benoit and some robot.  Yawn.  The six men pair off and very quickly the ring empties to leave both Hardy brothers in there with Saturn.  They set him for ‘Poetry in Motion’ when Terri grabs Jeff’s ankle from ringside.  Jericho gets hold of her and throws her inside and as they launch her with a double wheelbarrow suplex, Saturn gets there in the nick of time to cushion some of the impact.  During that Terri’s dress rides up to reveal the skimpiest of underwear or flesh coloured underwear, something that Jerry Lawler wanted to see replayed again and again.  Eventually order is restored and the Radicalz go about working over Jeff.  Malenko sits him on the top turnbuckle, however Jeff shoves him backwards and hits the ‘Swanton bomb’.  He takes his time but is still able to make the hot tag to Jericho whose springboard dropkick sends Malenko crashing to the floor.  As it looks like Lita is checking on him, she then whips him into the ring steps.  Matt throws him back inside, bulldog, Lionsault and this one’s over, Benoit and Saturn fighting with the brothers and too late to save their partner.

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