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[2000-12-18-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Lance Storm


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It’s one down and one to go for ‘old stone face’ as after tonight he will go on to Sin and his first World title; for as good as Jeff Jarrett is, he’s not from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  Mark Madden has got big expectations for this thinking that it will be one for the ages.  Nice spot as Jarrett backs Lance into the corner off the lock up and as Slick Johnson gets between the two wrestlers to separate them, they both go for the cheap shot at the same time.  Storm throws ‘the Chosen One’ through the ropes to the floor but then crashes and burns as Jarrett just side steps the pescado.  Jarrett locks the figure four on in the centre of the ring, however it’s too early in the match and Lance uses his momentum to roll over and reverse things.  Jawbreaker followed by a dropkick.  Lance is back at it with the aerial offense, although gets caught climbing the turnbuckles as Jarrett swipes a leg.  Suicideplex and both men are down.  Storm ducks an enziguiri and applies the ‘Canadian Maple Leaf’, ‘Double J’ getting to the ropes before he is forced to tap.  Jarrett reverses the Irish whip, keeps hold of the arm and hits ‘the Stroke’ to advance to Sin.

The bout has barely finished and Scott Steiner is out and carrying a lead pipe.  He tells Ric Flair that he wants the mystery man and if he doesn’t get him, he’s coming back there to shove this lead pipe up his ass!  Jarrett has grabbed his guitar in case something is about to go down but Steiner doesn’t even acknowledge him, only concerned with Flair and the mystery man.  With no sign of ‘the Naitch’ he sets off to find him, accosting Jimmy Hart backstage and getting him to show him where Flair’s office is.  The office is empty but he then spots him down the corridor.  As Steiner goes to confront him, through the door comes the masked man, security separating them as the show goes off the air.

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